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"American Association of Cereal Chemists"
Core services include 2-4 day short courses taught by experts that offer comprehensive training and real world applications.

"American Institute Of Baking"

The American Institute Of Baking Offers A Full Range Of Training Courses For Bakery Industry Professionals, Sanitation Inspection Services, And Is One Of The Baking Industries Leading Sources Of Bakery Industry Technology.

"Anchor Training Centre"

Anchor Yeast Offers Various Bakery Training Courses Throughout The Year To Bakeries At All Levels, From Group Bakeries To Small Confectioners

"Apicius Cooking School Of Florence"

The Course Is Based On Approximately 45 Hours Per Semester Of Hands On Bakery Classes. There Are Many Other Courses Avaliable On Cooking An Management Too.

"Bakery Industry Training Center"

Diploma In Baking,Desserts And Ice Cream Specialities,Chocolate Specialities & Confectionery,Cake Decoration,Decorative Bread Show Pieces,Decorative Sugar Show Pieces Are The Different Diploma Courses .

"Bakery Science & Management"

Offers A Full Fleged Course In Bakery Science And Managemeat.

"Barking College"

Basic Catering Course,Bakery,Craft Baking ,Pastry Cooks And Patissiers,Sugarcraft Certificate Are The Various Courses Avaliable .

"Bellingham Technical College"

Course Covers A Variety Of Comprehensive Subjects Particular To The Industry. Including Bakery Systems, Bakery Equipment, Fats And Oils, The Study Of Chemical Breakdowns, And Starches And Gums.

"Blackburn College"

Cake Icing & Decoration ,Sugar Pulling ,Cake Decoration ,Bakery Craft Etc Are The Part Time Courses Avaliable Here.

"Boston College Hotel And Catering"

Special Facilities Include A Production Kitchen, A Bakery, A Training Kitchen, A Silver Service Restaurant The Haven Restaurant, And A Coffee Shop. Students Work In All Of These.

"Bri Australia Limited"

Bri Offers A Number Of Training Courses Like Bread Scoring And Assessment,Dough Mixing And Makeup For Bread Production,Specialty Breads ( Turkish, Ciabatta Etc),Cake Technology Etc...

"Britian Society Of Baking"

The Primary Purpose Of The British Society Of Baking Is To Provide A Forum For Learning More About The Industry Through Conferences And Associated Events.

"Brooklands College"

The College Has Offered Catering Programmes Food Preparation & Cooking,Serving Food & Drink ,Pastry & Confectionery ,Housekeeping ,Supervisory Management Etc.

"Cakes By Nancy"

At Cakes... By Nancy We Can Teach You How To Create The Finest Bakery Products And The Most Beautiful Porcelain Decorations For Every Occasion.

"Camara Codoba"

The Courses Subsidized Are Basic Bakery Course ,Bakery Courses,Confectionery Course ,Pastrymaker Course ,Assistant Pastrymaker Course .

"Cornwall College"

Cornwall College Has An International Reputation For Itms Hotel And Catering Offering Different Courses Like Bakery, Cake Decoration And Patisserie ,Catering And Hospitality Studies ,Food Hygiene ,Hotel & Catering ,Health & Safety Etc.

"Currently Offering Spring Bakery Holiday Courses At St Marti"

Currently Offering Spring Bakery Holiday Courses At St Martins For Baking To Experiment With Other Recipes And Techniques And Expand Their Repertoire.

"Dallas Country Community And College District"

The Bakery/Pasty Degree Encompasses All Aspects Of Bakery And Pastry Shop Operations With An Emphasis On Preparation Skills And Business Management.

"Dishnet --Education"

Offer 6-Month To 1 Year Courses In Front Office Operation And Hotel Accounting, Cookery Craft, Food Preservation, Reception And Book-Keeping, Bakery And Confectionery, Beauty Culture Etc.

"Ecole Des Trois Ponts,"

French Life And French Cookery In France Courses For Adults Looking For A Relaxed Setting And Good Food In A Convivial Atmosphere. Offers Courses In Bakery As Well As Cooking.

"Edinburghs Telford College"

The College Bakery Shop Soon And Choose From A Wide Range Of Freshly Baked Products, Including, Bread, Cakes, Pastries, Rolls And Lots More.All Products Sold In The Bakery Shop Are Produced By Students Who Are Studying Various Courses.

"Elm College"

Certificate In Craft Bakery--Include Food Packaging, Cake Decoration, Information Technology, Quality Awareness And Patisserie.Certificate In Professional Patisserie--Industrial Experience Develop Professional Skills In Patisserie And Culinary Arts .

"George Brown College"

The Different Courses Offered Baking,Cake Decorating Asian Cuisine,Culinary Arts Club Operations,Convention And Meetings Management,Festivals And Events,Front Office,Hospitality Management,Housekeeping Management,Bar And Beverage And Wines.

"Glasgow College Of Food Technology"

Affiliate College Glasgow Caledonian University, Is Unique In Scotland, Being Concerned Solely With Education And Training For The Food, Hospitality And Tourism Industries. Offers A Wide Range Of Courses Hospitality Management, Bakery.

"Guelph Food Technology Centre"

Advanced Bakery Production Is A Four Day Course Offered In Partnership With The American Institute Of Baking With Over 75 Years Of Experience In Bakery Industry Training, And Guelph Food Technology Centre.

"Heny Sisons School Of Cake Decorating And Baking"

Cake Making Is An Exact Process. The Ingredients And Their Relations To Each Other Are Balanced Like A Chemical Formula. During Baking, A Chemical Process Takes Place, Transforming The Raw Ingredients Into A Delicious Creation.

"Institute Of Hotel Management And Catering"

The Course Prepares Students For Job Opening Positions Such As Supervisors, Junior Managers In Hotels , Restaurants, Air Lines /Mobile Catering Units, Industrial Canteens, Schools, Hospitals, Shipping And Also Teaching Position.

"Institute Of Hotel Management,"

In This Institute The Dofferent Courses Avaliable Are Management,Cookery,Bakery And Confectionery,Canning & Food Preservation,Reception & Book-Keeping And Housekeeping

"International School Of Baking"

International School Of Baking Teaches Classes For Beginners,Non-Professionals Through Professional Chefs Who Want To Expand Their Skills Into European Style Baking. Custom Classes Are Designed To Meet The Needs Of Each Student.

"Kansas State University"

Students Learn About The Commercial Baking Industry And Related Areas With Courses In Bakery And Cereal Science, Milling, Flour And Dough Testing, And A Solid Foundation In Chemistry, Math And Microbiology.

"Kansas State Universitys"

Here Bakery Science Graduates Have A Lot To Offer Todays Baking And Allied Industries. They Have Completed Baking Technology Courses, Along With Other University Courses. This Gives Them A Broad-Based, Comprehensive University Education.

"Kenya Utalii College"

Cake Icing And Decoration ,Mass Food Preparation And Presentation ,A La Carte Cookery ,House Keeping Techniques ,Customer Care ,Bakery Are Some Of The Courses Here.

"Kirkwood Community College"

The Bakery Certificate Program Is Designed To Prepare Students For Entry-Level Bakery Employment. The Program Emphasizes Fundamental Baking And Bakery Operations Skills.

"L Academie De Cuisines"

L Academie De Cuisines Offers Culinary Career And Pastry Arts. Students Can Quickly Rise To The Top As They Give You The Hands-On Training, Personal Attention, And Assistance Necessary.

"Leading Edge"

The Science Of Baking, Made Simple, Is The Aim Of The New Zealand Bakers Distance Learning Courses.Bakery Technology Course, Is Divided Into Six Subject Areas: Craft Bread, Cake & Sponges, Biscuit, Pastry, Producing Selected Smallgoods.

"Liverpool Community College"

Vocational Programmes Courses Are Information Technology, Science, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Holistic Therapies, Hospitality / Catering / Bakery, Sport / Leisure, Tourism, Retail, Clothing Technology, Construction, Computer Aided Design (Cad).

"Manchester High School"

The Courses For Baking Are Advanced Foods,Bakery And Gormet Shop,Cooking Cusine And Culture. The Other Courses Here Are Sewing,Leathercraft,Needlework Etc.

"Massasoit Community College"

The Culinary Arts Program Prepares Students To Enter The Field Of Food-Service. Combining A Series Of Courses In Liberal Arts And Culinary Arts, Students Are Exposed To Different Phases Of Learning Like Bakery, Cooking,Feild Work Experience Etc.

"Mccalls School Of Cakedecoration"

All Mccalls Professional Courses, The Student Will Be Shown Practical And Speedy Techniques Needed To Meet The Demands Of A Small Restaurant, Resort, Caterer, Bakery, Chocolate Or Cake Shop.

"Metropolitan Community College"

The Bakery Arts Option Prepares Students For A Variety Of Job Opportunities And Bakery Careers Within The Foodservice Industry. Coursework Focuses On Providing Hands-On Training In Food Preparation, Including Quantity Production As Well As Individual

"Moreton Bay Colege"

Certificate Ii In Bakery ,Certificate In Bread Baking, Certificate In Pastry Cooking, Are The Various Certificate Courses On Bakery Here.

"National Bakery School"

Courses Are Held For Master Bakers And Confectioners In All Areas Of Baking Technology And Now, Within The School Of Hospitality, Food And Product Management At South Bank University, There Is A Degree Course In Product Management.

"National Bakery School"

Courses Are Held For Master Bakers And Confectioners In All Areas Of Baking Technology Likepastry Cooks & Patissiers ,Confectionery Technology ,Cake Decoration Etc.

"National Bakery School."

Course Has Been Designed For Students Who Are Interested In Developing Skills In Cake Decoration. The Course Is Appropriate As A Basis For Employment In The Industry, For Self Employment And For Full-Time And Part-Time Students.

"National Baking Center"

An Informative Discussion Covering The Technology Of Ingredients, Detailed Explanation Of The Mixing Process, The Role Of Fermentation In Yeast-Risen Pastries, The Use Of Wild Yeast In Pastries, And The Fundamentals Of Lamination.

"National Culinary School"

Learn The Art Of Bakery & Pastries Plus Cake Decorating. The Staff At National Bakery School Are Fully Trained & Experienced In The Art Of Bakery

"New College Nottingham"

Provides Higher Education Programmes In Catering, Hospitality Management, Bakery And Rentil. For Bakery The Course Is 2-Year Programme Suitable For Students Who Want To Train In The Essential Crafts Of The Bakery Industry.

"Niagara County Community College"

Through Hands-On Instruction, Students Will Prepare Different Bread Doughs And Danish Doughs Using The Straight And Sponge Methods.Study Of Classic European Pastries With The Emphasis On Mini Dessert Pastries To Include Swiss Rolls, Pate A Choux Etc.

"Oriental School Of Hotel Management,"

Oshm Is Actually A Co-Educational Hospitality Institute Offering 3 Years Full Time Diploma Course In Hotel Management And The Courses Are Certificate In Bakery & Confectionery,Certificate In Food Production,Diploma In Hotel Operation Etc

"Pd Lab"

Offered By The Center For Professional Advancement. Gain An Understanding Of Theproduction Of Major Bakery Foods In Terms Of Processing And The Role Of Key Ingredients.

"Rbsc Group"

Rbcs (Radio Bhuvan - The Career Supermarket) Group Has Been Conducting Special Short Term Courses At Concessional Fees During Vacations For Long Time. The Courses Avaliable Here Are Diploma In Hotel & Catering Management,Cookery & Bakery + Bartending

"San Francisco Baking Institute"

Our Class Schedule Is Designed To Serve The Diverse Needs Of The Baking Community. The San Francisco Baking Institute Welcomes Veteran Professionals, Novices Looking For A Career Change, Established Bakery Owners, And Entrepreneurs.

"Southampton City College"

These Courses Are Aimed At Those Wishing To Pursue A Career In Many Different Areas Of The Catering Industry Like Craft Bakery,Catering And Hospitality Etc.

"Steve Klc"

Welcome To The Courses Section Of Pastryarts.Com, Where You Will Find Information About Upcoming Demonstrations, Classes And Lectures For Georgetown University, The Smithsonian Associates, And Other Programs Around The Country.

"Tante Maries Cooking Courses"

Cooking Vacations Are Hot Now And Really Fun. In This Popular One-Week Course, Taught By Tante Marie Herself. Cooking Delicious Meals Using Seasonal Foods, Chocolate Decadence With Raspberry Sauce And Much More.

"The American Institute Of Baking"

The Original Mission Of The Organization Is To Put Science To Work For The Baker, And That Basic Theme Is Still Central To All Of The Programs, Products, And Services Provided By Aib To General Food Production And Baking Industries Worldwide.

"The Baking Association Of Canada"

Baking Association Of Canada Is Proud To Present Correspondence Courses For Baking Industry Employees. Whether You Are A Baker Or A Supplier, You Can Gain Knowledge And Confidence Through Program Participation On Bakery.

"The Baking Industry Training Centre"

Professional Training And Consultancy Services For The Baking Industry Are Complemented By An Extensive Range Of Courses Offered To The Wider Community In Both English And Mandarin.Offers Courses Like National Technical Certificate 2 In Bread-Cake-Pastry,National Technical Certificate 3 In Bread-Cake-Pastry,Certificate Of Proficency In Baking-Bread-Cake-Pastry,Baking Principles - Bread-Cake-Pastry And More

"The Biscuit And Cracker Manufacturers Association"

Employees Who Are Not Only Trained In Their Job Function, But Who Also Understand Their Impact On The Entire Organizations .The Material Is Presented Through The Step-By-Step Bakery Process So That They Are Confident Enough To Carry Out Their Work.

"The Culinary Institute Of America"

Offers Courses For Bachelor Of Professional For Culinary Arts Management And Baking And Pastry Arts Management

"The Culinary Institute Of Canada"

The Culinary Institutes Pastry Arts Program Prepares Students To Enter The Pastry Profession As Well Trained Pastry Cooks. Designed To Assist Aspiring Cooks And Pastry Cooks Master The Essentials

"The Llandrillo Learning School"

The Course Details Are Hygiene, Health & Safety, Bread & Fermented Goods, Pastry Work, Flour Confectionery And Cake Decoration.

"The National Training And Development Institute"

Providing Complete Training And Development In Bakery Service,Recipes, Ingredients & Mixing,Pre-Baking Operations,Post-Baking Operations,Baking Theory.

"The Paris Bakery Adnpastry School"

The Grands Moulins De Paris, The Paris Bakery And Pastry School Aims To Improve The Skills And Expertise Of Professionals.It Is Now Perfectly Equipped To Carry Out Its Three Main Functions: Information, Training And Perfecting.

"The Sheffield College"

At The Sheffield College We Pride Ourselves On All The Courses That Are Offered Professional Catering,Bakery,Cookery ,Hotel Reception Etc.

"The Village Bakery"

Main Course Avaliable Is For Bread Making.Spend A Stress-Free Weekend In The Comely North Pennine Village Of Melmerby And Go Home With A Basketful Of Your Own Bread, Fresh From The Brick Oven.

"The Village Bakery Melmerby"

A Small-Scale Specialist Bakery Which Offers Bread Making Courses.The Course Begins With The Basics Of Bread - Flour And Its Properties, Yeast (Both Manufactured And Wild), Water And Time. Hands Are Soon Into Dough, And As Everyone Makes A Benchmark

"The Worshipful Company Of Bakers"

Worshipful Company Of Bakers Masters Project, With Details Of Over 40 Bakery Courses Throughout The Uk.

"University Of Wales Institute,"

Breadmaking Technology ,Flour Confectionery Technology , Basic Bakery Science ,Cake Decoration ,Information Technology , Food Preparation And Cooking Are The Various Courses Avaliable Here.

"Vie De France Yamazaki, Inc"

Operate A Technical School Of Baking. The Courses Offered Are A Three-Day Par Bake Bread/Frozen,On Frozen Dough Cookies, Muffins And Brioche,Frozen Dough Bake-Off Operation.

"Vie De France Yamazaki, Inc"

To Provide Comprehensive Training In The Proper Handling And Preparation Of Vie De France Bakery Products, We Operate A Technical School Of Baking Near Our Corporate Headquarters And At Several Regional Facilities Located Throughout The United States

"Zds Central College Of The German Confectionery"

Zds Is The Worlds Most Renowned Institute Offering Training And Continuous Education In All Areas Of The Confectionery Industry.Offers Courses On Chocolate Products,Confectionery ,Long Life Bakery Products.

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