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"2e Ellgard Equipment A/S"
Developing And Producing Equipment For The Bakery And Food Industries,

"A&D Sales And Leasing, Inc."

Authorized Dealer For Scotsman Ice Machines , Saniserv Machines , Globe Automatic Slicer , Berkel Automatic Slicer , Kook-E-King Machines , Adamatic 3 Deck Electric Oven , Etc .,

"A1 Popcorn And Candy Floss Equipment Ltd"

Supply A Wide Range Of Professional Popcorn Equipment And Specialise In Fresh Popcorn And Candyfloss Making Machines .

"Ab Bores Ugntjdnst"

Ab Bores Ugntjdnst Is A Manufacturer Of Bakery Machines, Such As Deck Ovens, Pizza Ovens And More.They Are Either Retailers Of Bakery Machines Or Catering Equipments, Well-Known In Their Respectively Line Of Business.

"Abamaster, Inc"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Mixers .

"Abc Restaurant Equipment Co."

Sells Commercial Kitchen Equipments And Bakery Equipments For All Kinds Of Food Service Facilities .Products Include Ice Machine, Tea Boiler, Refrigeration , Freezer, Char-Broiler, Griddle, Ranges Available In Many Brands From Different Manufacturers

"Adams Engineering And Process Equipment"

Manufacturer Of Vertical Mixers , Dividers, Rounders , Ovens, Reel And Rack Ovens .

"Adams Enterprises"

Adams Enterprises Has Been Serving The Restaurant Industry For Seventeen Years. Serving The Food Industry Including Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, Fast Food Chains, As Well As The Corner Store. They Specialize In All Types Of Restaurant Equipment, Breadings, Supplies, And Smallwares.

"Advanced Systems, Inc."

High Quality Manufacturer And Supplier Of New And Remanufactured Equipment To The Baking Industry .

"Alfa Co."

Providing Equipment Parts And Accessories To Food Industry - Mixer Bowls , Mixer Accessories , Power Attachments , Etc .,

"Alpy Group"

Manufacture Bread Baking Machines And Dough Preperation Equipments And We Have Been Exporting Them .


We are Turkish company located in Istanbul. We manufacture all bakery oven equipments with very competative prices and high quality.


Ameka Offers A Variety Of Process Equipment For The Agricultural And Food-Processing Industries. Our Products Are Well-Known In The Bakery. These Well-Designed Machines Have Enjoyed Continuing Popularity Because Of Their Heavy-Duty Construction And Very Low Maintenance Costs.

"American Eagle Food Machinery, Inc."

Provides Worldwide Food-Machinery - Spiral Mixer , Planetary Mixer , Meat Grinder , Dough Molder , Reversible Sheeter , Bakery Oven , Bread Slicer , Etc .,

"Ams Enterprises, Inc."

Specializes In Pizza Conveyor Ovens And Other Items Such As Mixers, Sheeters And Refrigeration .


Promote , Sell , Install And Service The Following Products : Bakery & Confectionery Equipment , Complete Processing & Filling Lines For Food , Dairy And Beverage Products.

"Apex Bakery Equipment"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Mixers , Dividers , Moulders , Ovens, Slicers , Rounders , Freezers , Etc .,

"Apple Engineers & Consultants"

Apple Engineers And Consultants Is An Engineering Enterprise And Provides Technical Solutions To Bakery And Food Related Processes.Offers Accessories Like Expanding Cutters,Sponge Cake Slicers ,Samosa (Hand) Cutters ,Straight Cutters/Khari Cutters,Spike Rollers ,Rotary Round Cutters ,Pizza Cutter (In Stainless Steel),Lattice Cutter And More.

"Apv Baker"

Apv Baker Is The Largest Supplier Of Equipment For Industrially Produced Baked Goods .


Arex of Conegliano is a company that designs and makes stainless steel equipment for the gastronomic, confectionery and pizzeria sector.


Through a company policy of ongoing technical and market research, ATIS has acquired the ability to efficiently direct its know-how to the areas of sales, system installations, and technical assistance of equipment for small to large installations such as hotels, restaurants, community centers, hospitals, bakeries, butcher shops and many other enterprises.

"Atlas Bakery Machinery"

Atlas Bakery Machinery Is Remanufacturing Of High Quality Roll And Bread Make-Up Equipment Such As Winkler, Pagani, Gry, Benier.Major Supplier Of Some Of The Finest Bakeries In The Country.Offer A Large Selection Of High Quality Equipments.

"B.A.K.E Marketing Corporation"

Stocks Bakery Equipment Including Mixers,Ovens,Moulders, Dividers/Rounders, Depositers, Bread Slicers, Sheeters, Bowl Lifts, Cases, Fryers, Kettles, Pie Presses, Proofers, Racks, Walk-In Ref., Sinks, Tables, Washers, Wrappers, Pans, Shelving, Etc.


Manufacturers Of Spiral Mixers , Rack Ovens , Deck Ovens , Mini Ovens , Complete Bakeries , Etc .,

"Bakers Best / B.E.S.T. Inc."

Supplier Of Felt Belts For Bread Moulders , Top Spiral Mixers , Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer , Automatic Spiral Mixer With Removable Bowl , Hearth Ovens , Rack Ovens , Bench Top Spiral Mixers And Other Baking Equipment .

"Bakery Equipment"

Used bakery processing equipment - largest database access in Europe. All manufacturers and models covered from single machine items to complete plants

"Bakery Equipment & Service Co., Inc."

Bakery Equipment & Service Co., Inc. Manufacturing With Over 30 Years Of Service To The Food Service Industry,Offers High Quality Products Designed For Ease Of Use,Easy Maintanence,Energy Efficiency.The First Name In Tortilla, Flat Bread And Tamale Producing Equipment.Service Department Is Available For 24 Hour Telephone Consultation To Help With Routine Procedures, Thus Saving Service Fees.

"Bakery Equipment Service"

Offers All Bakery Equipment Including Mixers , Ovens , Dividers/Formers , Sheeters , Moulders And Specialty Items .

"Bakery Equipment Service & Repair"

Suppliers Of All Types Of Baking Equipment Including Mixers , Rounders , Sheeters , Dividers , Proofers , Slicers , Etc .,

"Bakery Equipment.Com Inc"

Manufacturer Of Vast Variety Of Food Service Equipment And Products Including Mixers , Dividers , Moulders , Etc .,

"Bakery Exchange"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipments Including Mixers , Ovens , Roll Stamper , Bread Slicers , Etc .,

"Bakery Machinery Dealers"

Bmd Has Been Importing, Manufacturing, And Distributing The Highest Quality Bagel And Baking Equipment In The Industry.Offers Accessories Like Wooden & Plastic Proofing Boards,Stainless Steel Work Tables,Oven Brushes ,Oven Peels ,Oven Boards .

"Bakery Machinery Dealers"

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Mixers , Modular Equipment , Ovens , Bagel Equipment , Bread Equipment , Automated Bagel Lines And Other Accessories .

"Bakery Machinery Dealers"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipments Including Automated Bagel Lines , Bread Equipment , Mixers , Ovens , Modular Equipment And Other Accessories .


We are Turkish company located in Istanbul. We manufacture all bakery oven equipments with very competative prices and high quality.

"Bakery Ovens Dekeghel"

Ovens for baker and pastry bakers: Deck Oven, furnace made of high quality refractory bricks, and Rotary Oven. Patented System.


Offers Bread Slicers , Ovens , Mixers , Spiral Mixers , Vertical Mixers , Planetary Mixers And Other Bakery Equipments .

"Baking Machines"

Fastest Growing Developer And Provider Of High-Quality Bakery, Foodservice And Food Processing Equipment .

"Barndts Cutters And Molds"

Complete Line Of Giant Metal Cookie Cutters And Molds For Baking And Cooking That Provide Exciting New Ways To Create Beautiful Cakes, Breads, Cookies, Gelatins And More.

"Baxter Mfg. Co., Inc."

Offers All Types Of Ovens Including Rack Ovens , Revolving Tray Ovens And Deck Ovens , Proofers , Sinks , Etc .,

"Becketts Bakery Engineers Ltd"

Offer The Best Of New, Rebuilt And Used Bakery Machinery And Equipment To All Sizes Of Bakery Anywhere In The World. Offers Esmach French Stick Moulders,Esmach Computerised Pastry Rollers, Becketts Ts Bench Model Pastry Rollers ,Becketts/Sabre Slicers - Basic Models.

"Benier U.S.A., Inc."

Carries A Full Line Of The Finest Quality Baking Equipment And Dough Processing Systems And Our Products Include Ovens, Spiral Cooling/Freezing Systems, Conveyors , Proofing Rooms, Pans, Pan Storage And Retrieval .

"Benier Usa"

Manufacturer & Supplier Of Your Total Baking Equipment Needs.The Company Provides A Comprehensive Array Of Products That Automate All Bakery Functions From Ingredient Handling Up To Packaging.Offers Pan Bread Line - For Producing On High Speed,Ab Line - For Producing French Baguette,Sb Line - For Producing French Baguette,Divider B93 - For Producing Pannetone.

"Berkel Incorporated"

Offers Bread Slicers , Food Processors , Mixing Equipment , Etc .,

"Bimatic S.A.R.L"

Offers Divider For French Dough , French Dough Mixer , French Dough Rounder And Rotating Oven .

"Black River Equipment Warehouse"

Offers Ovens, Dividers, Rounders, Presses, Sheeters, Proofers And Other Bakery Related Equipment .

"Bosch Kitchen Center"

Offers Bread Machines , Bosch Kitchen Machines , Grain Mills , Dehydrators , Etc .,

"Bread Pa"

Offers Rotary Ovens,Refractory Ovens,Dough Mixers,Planetary Mixers,Dough And Manual Dividers,Proofers,Roll Moulders,Etc.,


Offers The Most Adaptable And Perfect System For All Kind Of Bakeries.Manufacturing Many Types Of Dividers ,Big Pieces Or Multi-Pistons To Small Pieces,Proofers With Many Capacities And Moulders Who Can Make Small Pieces To Baguette Bread .

"Brick Pizza Ovens"

Offers Brick Pizza Ovens And Offers Bakery Ovens Built & Repaired , Etc .,

"Burgess Food Machinery Limited"

Designers And Manufacturers Of Bakery Machinery To Process Pastry, Dough And Filling Into Consumable Products , In Addition Provides Dried Vine Fruit Washing Machines .

"C.H. Babb Company"

Products Include Baking Systems, Tunnel Ovens, Custom Conveyers, Final Proofers, Sheeter/Molders , Etc .,

"Chang Yang Machinery Co., Ltd."

Offers All Types Of Automatic Spiral Mixers And Candy Manufacturing Machines .

"Cim International"

Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Sheeting Machines , Dough Laminating , Croissant Machines , Make Up Lines , Bread And Pizza Lines, Etc .,

"Cim International"

C.I.M Has Been Supplying Bakery Equipment Worldwide For Over 20 Years, With A Production Range Of Machines Satisfying The Needs Of The Small Bakers Shop As Well As Those Of Baking Industry Giants.Product Lines Include Dough Laminating Sheeting Line.

"Cl Bakery Equipment"

Offers Kemplex, Effedue And Steno, Three Important Italian Bakery Machinery Manufacturers .

"Cobblestone Ovens, Inc."

Leading Manufacturer Of Revolving Tray Oven And Install Rounders, Dividers, Mixers, Proof Boxes, And All Types Of Commercial Ovens And Fryers.

"Colorado Nutritional Bread Baking Supplies"

Offers Bread Machines And Attachments, Grain Mills, And Dehydrators


Provides Commercial Cooking Equipment Such As Rotary And Rack Oven Specialist And Bakery Ovens

"Commercial Appliance, Ltd"

Offers All Types Of Baking Equipment Such As Ovens , Mixers , Astoria Espresso Machines , Paragon Popcorn Machines , Etc .,

"Coopers Equipment Company"

Offers Mixers , Ovens , Sheeters , Dough Dividers , Fillers , Moulders , Proofers , Fryers , Cutters , Glazers , Etc .,

"Corio Bakery Equipment Company"

Offers Bakery Equipment New And Used Mixers, Ovens, Dividers And Other Types Of Accessories Like Bag Closers/Sealers,Bread Moulders,Bread Slicers,Bread Systems,Dough Dividers,Dough Rounders,Dough Divider/Rounders,Miscellaneous,Pie & Pastry Equipment.

"Cummins Eagle Inc."

Offers All Types Of Bakeryc Equipment Including Bread Divider , Bread Rounder , Bun Divider And Other Equipment .


Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Mixers , Dough Sheeters , Dough Dividers , Ovens , Proofers , Grinders , Dough Moulders , Bread And Bun Slicer, Etc .,

"Dbe Food Equipment, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Quality Bakery Equipments Like Mixers,Dough Sheeters,Dough Dividers,Bun And Roll Dividers And Rounders,Proofers,Ovens,Dough Moulders,Grinders,Depositors And Process Equipment,Automatic Glaze Sprayer, Water Meter/Chiller.

"Dekeghel Ovens"

Bakery Ovens manufacturing.

"Denver Equipment Company , Inc .,"

Full Service Restaurant Equipment Dealer Who Supplies All Bakery Equipments .

"Dunbar Systems, Inc."

Specializes In Designing & Supplying Complete Bakery Systems Including Serpentine Baking Systems , Mixers , Ovens , Freezers, Coolers And Many, Many Other Bakery Equipment Products.

"Effedue Srl"

Manufacturer Of Spiral Mixer With Fixed Bowl , Spiral Mixer With Lifter , Spiral Mixer With Removable Bowl

"Effedue Srl"

Effedue Is An Independent Privately Owned Company Specialises In The Production Of Spiral Mixers. The Body Of The Mixer Is Made Of Steel, The Central Tool, Spiral Arm And Protective Grid And Bowl Are All In Stainless Steel Which Is Used In Bakery.

"Electric Bread"

Electric Bread Offers A Wide Range Of The Best Of Gourmet Breads And Also Offers Bread Machine Accessorries .

"Elite Vending Service"

Offers Snack Machines , Frozen Food Machines , Cold Food Machines , Etc .,

"Emery Thompson Machine & Supply Co."

Emery Thompson Has Been Building The Most Durable And Longest Lasting Batch Freezers And Frozen Custard Machines .

"Emil Kemper Gmbh"

Offers Small To Medium Sized Bakeries As Well As The Large Bread Factories, All The Machines And Plants Required .

"Empire Bakery Equipment"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Ovens , Mixers , Flour Handling System , Make-Up Equipment , Etc .,

"Esmach S.P.A."

Products Includes Machines For Dough Processing In Bakeries And Confectionery Bakeries , Ovens , Convection Ovens , Deck Ovens , Etc .,

"Espresso King"

Espresso King Is The Supplier Of Gourmet Coffee Beans And Espresso Machines. We Also Supply Granita Mixes And Machines, Popcorn Machines And Retail Packaging, Syrups And New Business Consultation.

"Eurofours Ibirica S.A."

Manufacturers Of Bakery & Pastry Fine Equipment Including Ventilated Ovens & Modular Deck Ovens , Industrial Rotary Rack Ovens & Deck Oven , Provers, Retarder Provers, Chambers And Show Cases .

"Excellent Bakery Equipment Co."

Offers Single And Double Rotary Rack Ovens , Spiral Mixers , Deck Oven , Volumetric Dough Dividers , Bread Divider , Etc .,

"Five Star Vending"

Stocks Vending Machines From The Incredible Selection Of Candy,Gum, Mints, Nuts, Chips, Cookies, Crackers, Pastries, Hot And Cold Foods And Ice Cream .

"Flakice Corporation"

A Manufacturer Of Industrial Process Cooling Equipment Used Worldwide By The Bakery , Food Process , Pharmaceutical Industry .

"Food Makers Equipment"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Ovens , Mixers , Sheeters , Oven Racks , Bread Slicers , Bagel Equipment , Etc .,

"Food Plant Modulars - The Baylor Group"

Full-Line State-Of-The-Art Modular System Offering Ice Machines , Holding Freezers , Hydro Coolers , Blast Freezers , Storage Coolers , Etc ., Can Be Designed To Support Various Industries Worldwide, Such As Meat,Seafood,Poultry,Dairy And Bakery .


Manufacturing And Distributing Oven, Machinery And Accesories For The Bakery, Pastry And Pizzeria Industry .

"Forni Fiorini"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Steam Ovens , Electric Ovens , Spiral Mixer , Moulding Sheeter , Etc .,


Offers Bakery Equipment With Quality And Variety In The Production Of Fine Pastries.The Easyline Pastry Make-Up Line Is Designed For The Economical Production Of A Wide Range Of Pastries By Cutting, Folding And Punching Which Is Fully Automatic.

"Full/Semi Automatic Bakery Lines & All Bakery Equipments"

SARMASIK MACHINERY INC is the leading company manufacturing Semi/Full Automatic Bakery Lines and Bakery Equipments since 1974. \nBriefly the products can be classified as Silo, Steelyard, Tunnel Ovens (3 Deck Steam Tube Tunnel Ovens / One Deck Perkins System Tunnel Ovens), Deck Ovens (Steam Tube or Cyclothermic), Rack Ovens, Convection Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Dough Processing Machines (stationary & mobile spiral mixers, dough dividers, dough rounder, moulders, provers), Packaging Machines, Bread Slicers, Trays, Trolleys, and some other bakery accessories.

"G & Sons Corp. International"

Offers New & Used Bakery Equipment - Rack Ovens , Revolving Ovens , Mixers , Convectional Ovens , Dough Dividers , Ice Cream/Soda Stations , Refrigeration Equipment , Etc .,


Offers All Types Of Bakery Ovens - Static Rack Convection Ovens , Rotating Rack Convection Ovens , Modular Deck Ovens , Cyclothermal Deck Ovens , Etc .,

"Gemini Bakery Equipment, Co."

Gemini Bakery Equipment, Co. Is Dedicated To Serving The Dough Processing And Baking Community By Providing The Best Quality Of Baking Equipment In The Usa To Bakeries Of Any Size.

"Gemni Engineers"

Manufacturing Ice Cream Cones Machines , Waffle Machine , Hot Chocolate Tanks , Moulded Sugar Cones Machines , Exchange Moulds For Automatic Wafers Machines , Etc .,

"General Machinery Corporation"

Designer And Manufacturer Of Food Processing Machinery Specializing In Meat, Poultry, Fish, Cheese And Bakery.

"Genick International"

Suppliers Of All Baking Equipment Including Ovens , Mixers , Sheeters , Divider Rounders , Blast Freezers , Etc .,

"Gillette Restaurant Equipment"

Products Include Bakery Equipment & Supplies And Many More .

"Ginos F.M Corp."

Provide A Complete Inventory Of Bakery Specialty Pans In Stock , Spiral Mixers New And Used , Rack Ovens , Etc .,

"Glimek Ab"

Glimek Develops And Manufactures Machines For All Types And Sizes Of Bakeries World Wide. Glimek`S Philosophy Has Always Been To Co-Operate With The Baker To Develop Machines And Production Lines That Will Give Him Capacity, Ease Of Use & Efficiency.

"Glimek Ab"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Such As Spiral Mixers , Dough Dividers , Bowl Lift/Bulk Hopper , Rounders , Moulders , Hydralic Dough Dividers , Etc .,

"Global Bakery & Food Equipment Co. Ltd"

Manufacture And Supplier Of Ovens , Mixers , Sheeters , Dividers , Make -Up Lines , Donut Equipment And Other Miscellaneous .

"Global Bakery & Food Equipment Co. Ltd."

Global Designs,Manufactures, And Services Both Retail And Wholesale Bakeries.Providing Machines Like Ovens And Proofers,Mixers,Make-Up Lines,Sheeters,Dividers,Bagal Equipment,Donut Equipment And Miscellaneous Machines Like Crumb Machine,Racks.

"Gluten-Free Pantry, Inc."

Gluten-Free Pantry, Inc. Offers Wheat-Free Gourmet Baking Mixes, Baking Equipment, Baking Ingredients Cookbooks, Vitamins, Bread Machines, Pasta And More.

"Grants Bakery Equipment"

Specialises In Design, Manufacture And Sales Of Quality Baking Equipment.

"Haagen & Rinau Mischtechnik Gmbh"

Producer Of Kneading And Mixing Machines For The Bakery Industry

"Hale Industries"

Offers Deli/Bakery Equipment-Slicers, Mixers, Hotcases, Proofers, Ovens,Etc.

"Hallmark Inc."

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Mixers , Ovens ,Sheeters , Dough Dividers , Etc .,

"HEC Equipment & Machines"

HEC Equipment & Machines manufacutre and supply food service and refrigeration equipment to major hotels and large industrial canteens. It also provides consultation in designing and planning of kitchen. The company has an experience of two decades in the kitchen equipment industry.

"Hobart Corporation"

Equipment Includes Food Machines Such As Mixers And Slicers, Warewashing Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Refrigeration, And Weighing And Wrapping Equipment .

"Hobart Corporation"

Hobart Corporation Is The Producer Of Bakery Equipments.There Are 6 Product Lines: Food Machines, Warewashing, Weigh Wrap, Cooking, Refrigeration, And Service. Producing Ovens, Rack And Deck,Cro-1g, Cro-1e Compactrack Oven ,Ahp Series Roll In Proofers ,Cg Series Electric Counter Griddles ,Hhfc Series Hot Food Cases ,Hsf Series Counter Steamer,Hab100 Bread Slicer,Hab300 Bread Slicer And More.

"Holmes Equipment"

Stocks One Of The Largest Supplies Of Used And Reconditioned Bakery Equipment In The United States.

"Horizon Equipment"

Offers All Types Of Baking Equipment Including Quart Mixer , Moline Single Speed Spiral Mixer ,Rack Ovens , Revolving Tray Ovens , Etc .,

"Hornos Tayso, S.L."

Offers Mini Steam Tube Deck Ovens , Rotating Ovens , Rack Ovens , Deck Ovens Earthbake Model , Electric Deck Ovens , Convection Ovens , Tunnel Ovens , Etc .,

"Hsiao Lin Machine Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Bakery Machines In Taiwan And Specialize In Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Bread Slicer, Dough-Molder, Dough Divider & Rounder, Reversible Sheeter, Oven, Proofer / Retarder, Meat Grinder, And Rotary Oven Etc.

"Independent Bakery Equipment Co., Inc."

Retail And Wholesale Equipment And Machinery, Production, And Semi-Automated Systems Used In Bakery Industry .

"Independent Bakery Equipment Company, Inc."

Independent Bakery Equipment Co., Inc. Services Every Phase Of Baking: Bread, Hard Rolls, Soft Rolls, Danish, Sweet Goods, Pita Bread, Pizza, Bagels, And Doughnuts. Independent Services Include Retail And Wholesale Equipment And Machinery .

"Independent Restaurant And Bakery Equipment"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Such As Specialty Pans , Slicers, Broasters, Kitchenware, Mixers And Ovens .

"Iowa Popcorn And Concession Inc."

Distributes Concession Equipment And Supplies, Including Popcorn Machines, Cotton Candy Equipment And Supplies, Sno-Kone Machines And Supplies, Funnel Cake And Corn Dog Fryers, Shaved Ice Machines, Hot Dog Rollers, Pizza Warmers, And Nacho Warmers.


Ipeka Is A Well-Known Finnish Manufacturer Of Machines And Systems For The Foodstuffs Industry, Particularly The Bakery Industry.Company Has Specialised In Packaging Machines And Automation Systems For The Bakery Industry.

"Ipeka Bakery Equipment"

Manufacturer Of Bread Slicers , Spiral Conveyors , Glazing Machines , Dosing Systems For Dough Production , Splitting Devices , Etc .,

"Jad Associates, Inc."

Sells Standard And Custom Design Baking Accessories And Racks In Stainless Steel Or Aluminum For Both The Food And Bakery Supply Industries.

"Jf Turkington Engineers Ltd"

Suppliers Of Mechanical Handling Equipment, Packaging Equipment And Bakery Equipment.


Karaki Producing And Supplying Bakery Equipments.They Import Quality Products That Compliment Our Line Of Production. We Stock Vital Spare Parts Of All Products That We Import In Order To Assure Our Cherished Clients Uninterrupted Running .

"Karaki Bakery Equipment"

Offers Pizza Equipment , Dough Sheeter , Rotary Convection Ovens Which Are Used In Bakery Industry .

"Kay Metallics"

Manufacture Spiral Mixers, Dough Moulders, Slicers, Flour Sifters, Cake Mixers, Cooling Conveyors, Blenders & Mixers For A Variety Of Uses, Proofing Chambers, Electric Humidifiers Etc. Also Manufacture Hotel, Catering Equipments And Food Processing .

"KBI Kang's Baking Industrial Co."

offer you bakery equipment, planetary mixer, horizontal mixer, spiral mixer, vacuum mixer, food processing machine, dough make up, laminating, sheeting line, zero stress line, encruster, meat pie machine, cake depositor, biscuit , cookie machine.

"Kemplex S.N.C."

Kemplex Is An Independent Privately Owned Company Which Was Established In 1984 And Which Specialises In The Production Of Dough Sheeters.When The Pastry Reaches The Required Thickness It Is Automatically Realed Up Onto The Rolling Pan.Cutting Rollers Can Be Tailor Made To Give All Types Of Croissants And Any Kind Of Bakery Products.

"Kitchen Specialties And Granary"

"An Independent Authorized Dealer Of Bakery Equipments Like Bread Machines.One Of The Speciality Item Is Zojirushi Home Bakery Traditional Which Bakes A Large Traditional Rectangular Shaped 2lb. Loaf; 10 Automatic Baking Settings Including Whole Wheat, Dough, Cake And Fresh Fruit Jam.Automatic Shut-Off Function For Added Safety; Set A Baking Time For Up To 13 Hours In Advance With Automatic Baking Timer."

"Kroslak Bakery Equipment Inc."

Sells New And Used Commercial Bakery Equipment Including: Ovens, Large Mixers, Display Cases, Sheeters, And Specialty Commercial And Related Supplies.

"Kwik Services"

Offers All Types Of Restaurant Equipments And Purchase Complete Restaurant Equipment Packages And Resell Them Complete Or In Part .

"Lamortes Vending"

Offersa Wide Variety Of Vending Equipment And Candy Machines .

"Lincoln Services"

Lincoln Services Provides Vending Services Including Beverage Machines, Ice Cream, Corporate Concessions, And Special Events.

"Lumar & Associates, Inc."

Representatives For Food Service Equipment Manufacturers Of Deep Fryers, Ice Makers, Refrigeration Equipment, Cold Storage Units, Blenders, Mixers, Furniture, Refrigerators, Etc.


Provides Mx Range Spiral Mixer , Msp Range Automatic Spiral Mixer And Mixer With Removable Bowl Machines Are Particularly Suitable For Bakeries, Pizzerias And Pastry-Shops .

"Mackies Pty Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Bakery And Food Processing Equipment And Machinery .


We are an important Portuguese producer and exporter of Bakery and Pastry machinery our organization meets the requirements of the Quality standard ISO9001. Visit our web site to learn more about us.

"Marion Mixers"

Offers Custom Built Mixers And Mixing Applications And Also Offers Batch And Continuous Paddle And Ribbon Mixers For Processing Industries .

"Millmark Bakery Equipment"

Offers All Types Of Cookies Machines And Other Bakery Equipment .

"Minipan S.R.L."

Minipans Machines Are Suitable For The Production Of Biscuits, Pastry And Various Bakery Products, Bread Specialities And Other Special Products .

"Mittal International"

Leading Importer Of Ice Cube Machines, Ovens, Coffee Makers, Slush Machines, Deep Freezers, Refrigerators Etc .

"Mittal International (India) Pvt. Ltd."

Mittal International (India) Pvt. Ltd. Is One Of The Leading Importer Of Complete Range Of Equipments For Kitchens As Well As Bakery Centers.Offer Complete Packages To The Hospitality Industry Including Consultancy To Hotels, Restaurants And Bakery.

"Mizell & Associates, Inc."

Distributors Of All Baking Equipment Including Conveyor Ovens , Deck Ovens , Mixers , Sheeters And Other Baking Equipment .

"Moline Machinery Baking & Food Processing Equipment"

Leading Manufacturer Of Industrial Sheeting And Frying Equipment For The Production Of Donuts, Sweet Goods, Pastries, Pizza Crusts, Cookies And Specialty Breads.

"Mondial Forni S.P.A."

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Steam Tube Fixed Deck Ovens , Electric Ovens , Tunnel Ovens , Etc .,

"Mono Equimpment"

Offers Bakery Equipment For Small And Medium Sized Bakeries Whose Product Include Mixers , Dividers , Moulders , Rack And Deck Ovens , Bread Slicers , Etc .,

"Mono Equipment"

Mono Bakery Retail - Bakery Equipment For Small And Medium Sized Bakeries.Offers Bakery Machines Like Water Meters / Chillers ,Dividers ,Moulders ,Provers ,Bread Plants ,Roll Plants ,Bread Slicers ,Depositors ,Doughnut Fryers,Ancillary Equipment .

"Moretti Forni S.P.A"

Offers All Types Of Pizza Ovens , Pastry Ovens , Etc ., Which Are Used In Bakery Industry .

"Muller International Inc"

Muller International Inc Also Has Exclusive Representation Of Van Der Pols Steel-Band Ovens, Wire Mesh Ovens,Belgium Waffle Lines, Tray Handling Systems For Proofing, Baking Cooling And Freezing.

"Naegele, Inc."

Manufacturer Of All Types Of Bakery Processing Lines Including Delta Three Convection Oven .

"New Era Machines Private Limited"

Offer Complete Automatic Plc Controlled Lines For Cookie And Cracker Production, Automatic Plc Controlled Batch-Mixing Systems .

"Olender Equipment Company"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Pizza Equipment , Ovens ,Ice Makers , Restaurant Equipment , Glass Door Refrigerators/Freezers , Etc .,

"Oliver Products Company"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Bread Slicers , Bagel And Bun Slicers , Baggers And Tying Machines , Convection Oven With Steam Injection , Dough Makeup Equipment , Etc .,

"Olson Wire Products"

Manufacturer Of Ovens And Stoves , Refrigerators And Freezers , Carts And Racking , Etc .,

"Otto Kremmling"

Offers All Bakery And Confectionery Machines Including Biscuit Machines , Rotary Moulders , Sandwiching Machines , Equipment For Decorating , Equipment For Injecting , Etc .,

"Pack Process Equipment, Inc."

Offers Used And Rebuilt Confectionery Equipment .

"Peerless Dough Mixing & Makeup"

Offers The Industrys Widest Range Of Horizontal Mixers, As Well As Electronically Controlled Bread Dividers, Batch Control Systems And Dough Handling Capabilities.

"Perfect Slices"

Versatile Solid Maple Bread & Bagel Slicer With Adjustable Slicing Guides And Crumb Catcher.

"Picard Bakery Equipment Inc."

Manufacture Of Custom-Made Equipment Such As Flexotherm Tunnel Ovens , Tunnel Ovens Lp-200 , Tiny Revolving Ovens , Spiral Mixers , Reversible Sheeter , Divider And Rounder, Cake Slicer , Etc .,

"PietroBerto S.P.A."

PietroBerto offers the most extensive range of equipment for medium size and craft bakeries available worldwide. With nearly 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bakery equipment, no other supplier provides such a recognized high quality and heavily build machinery.

"Pillys Bakery Ltd.,"

Fastest Growing Ethnic Bakery Which Include Hardo Bread , Corn Bread , Premium Bulla , Ginger Bulla , Etc .,

"Pioneers in Bakery Ovens in India"

We are specialists in Bakery and Industrial Rotary Rack Diesel Fired Ovens.

"Pitteurs Bakery Equipment"

Producing Bakery Equipment For Small And Large-Scale Applications.Some Of The Products Are Bakery Ovens,Residual Bread Homogenizer ,Small Equipment ,Watermeter And Chillers ,Provers And Retarder-Provers ,Belgian Waffle Irons ,Dough Mixers ,Devider Moulders ,Small Machinery ,Baguette Lines .

"Pmd Sales Consultants, Inc."

Distributors Of Ovens , Slicers , Grinders , Patty Machines , Juice Machines , Etc .,

"Prima Modern Machinery Pte Ltd"

Suppliers Of Electrical Ventilated Ovens , Modular Deck Oven , Rotary Oven , Fermentation Chamber , Bakery & Confectionery Machines Packaging Machines , Food Processing & Service Machines , Etc .,

"Pro Line Marketing, Inc"

Pro / Line Marketing, Inc. - Manufacturers Representatives Of Deck Ovens , Starfire Ranges, Heavy Duty Ranges , Ovens ,Toasters , Etc .,

"Procommercial Of Puerto Rico"

Distribute A Full Variety Of Commercial Equipment - Ice Machines , Convection Ovens, Pizza Ovens , Mixer, Toasters, Slicers,

"Pronotto S.R.L."

Produce Machinery And Complete Lines For The Production Of Bread .

"Quality Kitchen"

Quality Kitchen Offers Ice Cream Machines, Commercial Ice Cream Machines, Pola, Simac Ice Cream Machines .

"R & D Engineers"

Manufacturers Of Baking Machines For Cream Wafer Biscuits, Ice Cream Cones, And Speciality Wafers .

"R.F. Bakery Equipment"

"R.F. Bakery Equipment Is Western Canada`S Foremost Manufacturer And Distributor Of High Quality Bakery Equipment.Inventor And Manufacturer Of The Worlds First And Worlds Best Rack Oven; As Well As European Modular Deck Ovens.Tiny Revolving Tray Oven."

"Ravensbergen Bakery Supplies"

Carries All The Tools You Need To Produce Top Quality Desserts, Cakes And Chocolates In Your Restaurant Or Bakery.

"Ravensbergen Bakery Supplies Ltd."

Rbs Specializes In Importing High Quality Baking Ingredients, Accessories And Equipment From European Manufacturers And Paul Is Continually Researching Europe And Other Parts Of The World For New Products. From Rolling Pins To Mixers, Pastry Cutters

"Rega International"

Rega International Srl Is An Italian Company Specialised In The Manufacture And Sale Of Ovens And Machinery For Bakers And Confectioners. Some Of The Products Are Automatic Water Meter - Refrigerators,Bread Sticker Machines,Conical Rounder,Divider Rouding Machines,Horizontal Moulder 2 Cylinders,Lift For Trolley,Hydraulic Divider And More.

"Rhodes Bakery Equipment Co., Inc."

Manufactured Machinery For The Baking Industry And Produce High Quality Cookie Machinery .

"Rollequip International Inc ."

Rollequip International Inc. Bringing You The Best In Mid And Industrial Sized Roll And Bun Machinery .

"Rompa Bakery"

Rompa Bakery Services Consists Of Engineering, Production And Sales Of: Bread Slicing Blades,Bread Slicing Machines,Bread Bagging Machines,Bread Splitting Machines .Offers The Following Engineering And Consulting Services:Research Of Problems .

"Rondo, Inc."

Manufacture Baking And Food Processing Equipment And Systems And Supplies Bakery Machinery All Over The World .


Saltek For The Manufacturing Of Bakery Equipment Is Recognized As A Pioneer In This Field.The Ultimate Goals Are Unreserved Commitment To Quality In All The Spheres Of Our Trade : Products, Services And Relationships.

"Saunders Bakery Machinery , Equipment & Ovens"

The Formatic Machine Will Produce A Wide Range Of Biscuits And Pastry Products.

"Savage Bros. Co."

Has Manufactured Quality Machinery For The Confectionery Industry, And Now For The Bakery And Food Processing Industries As Well .

"Shoppers Plaza Usa Inc."

Offers Popcorn Machines , Star Popcorn Machines , Snow Cone Machine , Cotto Candies Machines , Etc .,

"Sig Greenebaum Inc."

One Of The Oldest And Most Respected Bakery Equipment Houses In America.They Have Been Advising, Designing, Constructing, And Servicing The Retail And Wholesale Bakeries In The United States. Represent Over 100 Manufacturers And Every Line Of Bakery.

"Sig Greenebaum Inc."

Suppliers Of All Types Of Bakery Equipment Such As Ovens - Revolving & Rack , Mixers Spiral And Vertical , Rounder Dividers, Cookie Machines , Pie Machines, Etc .,


Manufacture Decentralized Plants For Production Of Baking Flour And Other Flour For Human Consumption.

"Snappy Popcorn Co."

Offers All Types Of Cotton Candy Machines , Popcorn Machines , Etc .,

"Spar Mixer"

Product Line Of Heavy-Duty Planetary Mixers, Along With Our New Spiral Mixers.

"St. Louis Frozen Custard Factory"

St. Louis Frozen Custard Factory : Manufacturers Of Wooden Products Such As Ice Cream Sticks, Skewer Sticks, Toothpicks, Finger Food Picks, Cervix Scrapers And Estro Vending Machine Sticks .

"Stainless Steel Products Ltd."

The Initial Activity Of The Company Was The Manufacturing Of Stainless Steel Holloware Utensils. Offers Bakery Equipments And Accessories Like Veg Slicer,Bread Slicer,Meat Slicer,Dough Divider,Dough Moulder,Dough Sheeter And Proofer.

"Steno F.Lli Nazzari Snc"

Offers All Types Of Baking Machines Including Variable Speed Planetary Mixer , 3-Speed Planetary Mixer , Variable Speed Stainless Automatic Planetary Mixer , Dough Sheeters , Etc .,

"Superior Food Machinery, Inc."

Superior Food Machinery, Inc. Is Manufacturing Dependable Products With Common-Sense Engineering.Some Of The Bakery Accessories Produced Are Masa Feeders,Corn Feeder-Corn Mill-Dough Cart,Corn Washer-Elevator,Cooking Tanks,Cooling Conveyors.

"Supreme Pierogies Inc."

Offers Tasty Nutitious, Easy To Prepare Cottage Cheese & Potatoes , Cheddar Cheese & Potatoes , Etc .,

"Surplus Refrigeration Limited"

Buy, Sell & Trade Refrigeration, Air Conditioning And Food Store Equipment For Bakeries , Restaurants , Etc .,

"T & L Popcorn Co."

Sells Popcorn Equipment And Supplies , As Well As A Variety Of Other Consessions Equipment And Supplies .

"The Cyber Grove Bakery"

Offers All Bakery Equipments Including Oversized Turntables , Lamb Molds , Rabbit Molds , Material Sifter , Triumph Cookie Dies , Kookie King Cookie Dies , Etc .,

"The Henry Group"

Designing, Manufacturing, And Installing Production Equipment And Processing Lines For The Food And Bakery Industries.

"Thunderbird Bakery Equipment And Food Machine"

Manufacturing Bakery Equipments Like Gear Driven Mixer ,Spiral Mixer.Mixers Are Made With Stainless Steel Bowl ,Adapted For Size 12 Meat Grinder Head Available (Extra Cost) ,Standard Accessories: Stainless Steel Bowl, Whip Beater And Hook .

"Thunderbird Food Machinery Inc"

Products Include Spiral Mixers , Dough Sheeter , Bread Slicer , Reversible Dough Sheeter , Meat Grinder , Etc .,

"Top-Food System Industry Co., Ltd."

Offers All Types And Models Of Food Mixers , Bakery Ovens , Etc .,

"Trc Renaissance Food Equipment Company"

Offers New, Used And Reconditioned Bakery, Restaurant, & Pizza Equipment .

"Tsung Hsing Food Machinery Co., Ltd."

Offers Temperature Control Electric Oven , Temperature Control Gas Oven , Etc .,

"Unifiller Systems Inc."

Offers Cake Automation Products - Cake-O-Matic , Carousel 2000 , Deco-Mate Iii Machines , Etc .,

"United Bakery Equipment Company, Inc."

Doing Design And Sale Of A Cluster Bun Bagging Machine.Offers Bakery Machines Like Slicers ,Dicers ,Baggers Which Are Used For Slice Buns, Bagels, Hard Rolls, With Hinge, Web Or Complete Searation,Great Accuracy And Slice Appearance Up To 100/Min.

"United Locations Of America Inc."

Offers Snack Vending Machines, Soda Machines, Candy Vending Machines, Rack Displays, Atm Machines, Pay Phones, And More.

"Univex Corp."

Offers All Types Of Planetary Mixers , Mixer Accessories , Mixer/Power Drive Attachments, Slicers , Etc .,


Vajra Is An Innovative Organization Providing Comprehensive Consulting, Design, Architectural, Engineering And Construction Services As Well As Offering Customized And Standard Equipment For The Baking Industry.

"Vajra Equipment & Consulting Inc .,"

Provide Installation And Service For The Bakery E Quipments .


Offer The Best Quality Candy And Snack Vending Machines At The Lowest Prices

"Vestco Food Equipment"

Offers Mixers , Ovens , Sheeters , Display Cases , Proofers , Slicers , Bakery Wares , Etc .,

"W & P Reedy Pty Ltd"

Service, Supply And Manufacture Of Baking & Food Equipment And Offer A Full Range Of Baking Machinery To The Baking Industry .

"W.T. Winter Associates, Inc."

Offers All Types Of Food Equipment And Offers Bizerba Se-12l Gravity Hand Slicer .

"Willemse & Van Engelen Bv"

Offers All Types Of Industrial Baking Machines - Fondant Spraying Machines , Chocolat / Coating Spraying Machines , Egg Yolk Spraying Machine , Etc .,

"Winkler Usa"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Machinery And Bakery Systems Including Spiral Mixers , Ovens , Etc .,

"Witsenburg Bakery Machines"

Manufacturer Of Spiral Mixers , Planetary Mixers , Overhauled Machines , Etc .,

"Wohl Associates, Inc.,"

Offers Dough Mixer , Spiral Mixers , Sheeter , Dough Divider , Etc .,

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