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One Of The Worlds Leading Suppliers Of Processing And Packaging Machines For The Chocolate And Confectionery Industries. Supplies New As Well As Used And Remanufactured Machines Of Many Types


Offers Automatic Candy Packing Machine, Automatic Bun Moulding And Filling Machine, Automatic Wafer Baking Processing Machine, Electronic & Gas Ovens

"Ag-Pak Inc."

Offers Weighing And Packaging Equipment For Various Industry Such As Confectionary,Vegetable Washing And Drying Equipment

"Anasia Industrial Agencies"

Manufacturers And Distributers Of Industrial Equipment , Packaging , Packaging Machine For Bakery

"Atlas Bakery Machinery"

Remanufacturing Of High Quality Roll And Bread Make-Up Equipment Such As Winkler, Pagani, Gry, Benier And W&P

"Autopack Machines Pvt. Ltd"

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Packaging Machinery Including Filling Machines, Closing Machines, Wrapping Machines For Pharmaceutical,Cosmetic, Food, Chemical, Engineering, Oil And Other Industries

"Billie-Ann Plastics Packaging Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Plastic Packaging For The Candy Confectionery, Cosmetics, Apparel, Note Card And Stationery, Novelty Industries


Supplies Complete, Fully-Automated Weighing, Filling And Packaging Lines As Well As Stand Alone Equipment. One Division Specializes In Food Products, The Other In Hardware Products.

"Biscuit Equipment, Inc."

Offers Service Machinery Supplier For The Baking Industry. We Specialize In The Cookie, Cracker, Cake, And Sweet Goods Industry By Offering A Wide Selection Of Used And Re-Manufactured Equipment From Bulk Storage: Mixing And Packaging Department

"Boato Pack Srl"

Boato Pack srl produce vertical and horizontal packaging machines designed to form-fill and seal on four sides sachets of thermosealable material, with application to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets. Boato Pack srl is european official distributor for Sanko.

"C.I.A. Srl"

C.I.A. srl produces full automatic vertical form-fill-weight-seal machines able to weight and pack food and non-food products starting from the reel.

"Calico Cottage, Inc."

Manufactures A Range Of Candy Ingredients For Fudge, Taffy, And Pies And Distributes Related Packaging And Accessories.

"Carle & Montanari, U.S.A., Inc."

Machinery For Confectionery, Chocolate And Cocoa Production And Packaging. We Manufacture The Machinery And Provide Complete Engineering Services For Either

"Cavanna Usa"

Quality Manufacturers Of Horizontal Pillow-Pack Machinery.These Horizontal Pillow-Pack Machinery Are Used For Wrapping Baked Goods, Candy And Snack

"Champion Trading Corporation"

Serving A Wide Variety Of The Sanitary Industries In Buying And Selling Process And Packaging Equipment To The Food, Pharmacuetical, Cosmetic, And Related Industries.

"Chang Yang Machinery Co., Ltd."

Confectionery Whole Plant, Candies Machines, Chewing Gum Machine, Chocolate Machines, Biscuit Machines, Snack Food Machines, Food Packing Material Poly-Bag

"Chio I Industrial Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Packaging Machines Such As Fill Seal Packaging Machinery, Shrink Packaging Machine And Automatic Wet Paper Towel Processing Packaging Line.

"Dolzan Impianti S.R.L."

Dolzan Packaging Machines Are Available With Different Dosing Systems, Thus Fitting The Food, Pharmaceutical, Confectionary, Chemical, Mechanical Industry And Others.

"Driam Usa Inc"

Coating, Handling, Sorting, Inspection And Packaging Machinery For The Pharmaceutical And Confectionery Industry. Also Tools For Tablet Presses

"Dsil Group Complex"

Candy, Toffee, Lolly Pop Bubble Gum, Forming And Wrapping Machines.

"Duma Packaging Machinery"

Specialize In Vertical And Horizontal Packaging Of Loose And Lump Materials For The Food, Chemical And Other Industries.

"Eastern Packaging Associates, Inc"

"Providing The Best In Packaging Machinery And Gluing Systems Throughout The Eastern United States For Iqf Meat, Poultry And Seafood Industries; Iqf Vegetable And Fresh Vegetable Markets; Iqf Pasta Makers; Cheese Producers; The Confectionery Industry"

"Ec Packaging Pvt. Ltd"

Machine For Packing Of Biscuits,Cakes, Chocolates, Soaps, Ball-Bearings Etc Fully Automatic Machine For Packing Of Biscuits, Chocolates, Soaps, Cakes, Ball-Bearings Etc

"Ecc Enterprise, Inc"

Engaged In The Manufacturing Of Packaging Equipment, Including Valve, Bulk Bag Loading And Unloading Stations And Open Mouth Packaging Systems For Several Years

"Enterprise Folding Box Company"

Manufacture Claycoat And Corrugated Pizza And Bakery Folding Boxes. Also Specializing In Custom Industrial Packaging And Die Cutting And Custom Printing

"Epi Labelers"

Labeling Equipment, Packaging Equipment For Beverage, Bakery, Candy, Snack Food


Uks Largest Packaging Machinery Manufacturer, Supplying End Of Line Packaging Solutions The World Over.

"Formost Packaging Machines Inc."

Manufactures The Finest High Speed, Horizontal Bagging Machines, Horizontal Form - Fill - Seal, Wrapping Machines, Vertical Form - Fill - Seal - Wrapping Machines And Feeders In The World

"Gei International Plc"

Supplying Cost Effective, High Quality Processing & Packaging Machinery - Stand Alone Machines And Turnkey Total Quality Solutions

"H. T. Rapidaire Ltd"

Leading Manufacturer And Distributor Of Processing And Packaging Equipment For The Food And Textile Industry

"Hamson Engineering & Development"

Manufacturer Of The Fully Automated Overpacker Case-Packaging Machine. The Overpacker Performs Collating, Packing, Case Erecting, And Case Sealing Operations

"Hsiao Lin Machine Co"

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Bakery Machines In Taiwan.Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Bread Slicer, Dough-Molder,And Packaging Machines

"Index - 6 Ltd."

Manufactures Machines For The Food Industry, Cosmetics And Household Chemistry. . The Manufacturing Nomenclature Of The Company Includes Machine For Washing And Drying Of New Glass Packages

"Inline Filling Systems Inc"

Manufactures High Quality Liquid Fillers, Capping Machines, Conveyor Systems, Turntables, And Other Packaging Equipment Needed For Complete Turnkey Liquid Packaging Operations


Ipeka Is A Well-Known Finnish Manufacturer Of Machines And Systems For The Foodstuffs Industry, Particularly The Bakery Industry.Offers Packaging Machines Like Sledpack ,Countpack Counting-Bagging For Bread Rolls, Buns ,Midipack .

"J.F. Turkington (Engineers) Ltd."

Producer Of Packaging Machines Like Manual L Sealer ,Semi-Automatic L` Sealer ,Semi-Automatic Sleeve Sealer ,Automatic Sleeve Sealer ,Fully Automatic Sleeve Sealer ,Fully Automatic All Perimeter Sealer ,Automatic Carton Overwrap And More.

"Kbp Multiprocess Machinery Sdn Bhd"

Distributor Of Stamping, Bakery, Encrusting, And Packaging Machines. Also Ovens And Mixers.

"Keed Management"

Supplier Of A Various Line Of Packing Machines For Your Product Packing Needs Deliver Quality Packing Machines At Reasonable Prices

"Khosla Machines Private Limited"

Manufacturers, Packing, Wrapping, Exports, Bread,, Soap, Biscuit, Pouch, Special

"Klockner Packaging Machinery"

Machine Manufacturer For Food, Pharmaceutical And Confectionery Industries.

"Latini Enterprises Inc"

Leading Supplier Of Confectionery Processing, Forming, And Packaging Equipment For Hard Candy, Soft Chewy Candy, Toffee, Licorice, And All Type Of Products. Specializing In Hard Candy

"Lematic Inc"

World Leader In The Slicing And Packaging Of Baked Goods Such As Buns, Rolls, Bagels, Croissants, Muffins, Etc. We Also Offer Specialty For Pan Turn Over, Pan Cleaning, Bagging, Bulk Packaging, Garlic

"Lmc International. Pl"

Manufacturer Of The Worlds Finest Production Equipment For The Confectionery, Bakery Supply, Pharmaceutical And Food Processing Industries Product Line Includes Complete Batching, Blending, Cooking And Wrapping

"Loynds Machinery International Ltd"

Packaging, Processing, Equipment, Machinery For Hard Candy, Chocolate, Confectionery Chewing Gum, Sweets, Biscuits, Wafers Pharmaceutical, Cookies, Toffee

"Minyu Machinery Corp., Ltd."

Crusher Machinery,Packing Machinery, Spring Machinery,Crushers, Packaging Amchines For Various Industries

"Mir Packaging Machines S.R.L."

Packaging Machinery For Breads, Cakes, Bread Sticks, Chocolates, Cookies, Fresh Pasta, Dry Pasta And Lots More

"Npac International Pte Ltd"

Instant Noodle Processing, Retort Food Manufacturing, Confectionery Machines,

"Oliver Products Company"

Bakery Equipment, Medical Device Packaging, And Industrial And Food Packaging

"Otto Kremmling"

Offers Packaging Machinery, Biscuit Machinery, Confectionery Machinery, Dosing Machines, Filling Machines, Rotary Molder, Slitting Machines, Sandwich Machines,

"Pack Process Equipment, Inc."

Quality, Reliability & Service For The Confectionery & Candy Industries. Specialists In Second Hand And Rebuilt Packaging And Processing Equipment.

"Pack Star Inc"

Provide Our Customer With High Efficiency And Inexpensive Packaging Machinery, Contract Packaging Service And Packaging Material For Food, Candy Packing Box,

"packaging machines"

manufacturers,exporters of form fill seal machines to pack pouders,liquids,granules ,semi liquids,paste etc

"Paxiom Group Inc."

Designs And Manufactures Packaging Machinery Including Multi-Trix Scales, Vertek Form-Fill Seal, The Zippy Bagger And Many Types Of Conveying Systems

"Pfm Packaging Machinery Corporation"

Company Producing Packaging Machines Which Integrates Its Own Range With That Of Pfm Spa Italy.

"Pfm Packaging Machinery Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Complete Line Of Semi-Automatic And Automaticflow Wrappers And Form, Fill, Seal Equipment For The Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Food, Amp Beverage Industries

"Prima Modern Machinery"

Supplies Packaging, Food Processing, Display, And Other Equipment To Bakeries And Confectioneries.


Packaging Machinery,Flowwrappers,Pouchers, Intermittent Motion Packagers For Packaging Microwave Popcorn In Pre-Made Bags

"Rabin Brothers"

Food Processing Equipment, Construction Equipment, Packaging Machinery For Canning, Bottling, Freezing, Confectionery, Candy Making And Lots More

"Raksha Packaging"

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Packaging Machinery Including Filling Machines, Closing Machines, Wrapping Machines, Marking Coding Systemsc

"Rhodes Bakery Equipment Co., Inc."

Cookie Machines, Cookie Depositors, Automatic Cookie Makers. Our Kook-E-King Cookie Making Machines Can Drop 300 Cookies Per Minute. This Cookie Machine Accepts Many Types Of Dough,

"Richards International Ltd"

Every Piece Of Equipment Required In A Bakery, Starting With Water Meters And Flour Handling Equipment, And Ending With Slicing, Wrapping And Bagging Machines For Bread And Rolls.

"Robert Bosch Corporation"

Packaging And Processing Equipment For Food, Confectionery And Other Products Packaging Equipment For Pharmaceutical, Food, Confectionery, Chemico-Technical And Cosmetical Products, As Well As Confectionery Processing Equipment

"Sambo Machinery Mfg Co., Ltd"

Main Item Is Confectionery Machine, Food Processing Line And Automatic System. Our Machinery Operated In Canfetionery Company

"Sanborn Equipment Company"

Buys, Sells And Rebuilds Process And Packaging Equipment For The Chemcial, Food And Animal Feed Industries.

"Sandiacre Packaging Machinery Limited."

Sandiacre Packaging Machinery Specialists In The Provision Of Systems For Packaging Fresh And Frozen Foods, Confectionery, Snack Foods, Pet Foods, Pulses, Cereals, Powders, Beverages, Fluids, And Other Products

"Seal Pack Machinery Co., Ltd"

Reputed Manufacturer For A Variety Of Automatic Packaging Machines.

"Shree Ancillary Industrial Machinery Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Biscuit Packaging Machines Model Range Profile E-Mail B-10, Giriraj Industrial Estate, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East

"Sig Pack Systems Ag"

Leading Provider Of Packaging Machines And Systems. Packaging, Robotics, Cartoning, Conveyor, Belts, Automation, Infeed, Piece, Goods, Bulk, Chocolate, Food, Non-Food, Wrap, Picker, Biscuite

"Simionato S.P.A"

Packaging System, Packaging Machines, Packaging Equipment, Dosing Systems, Food Machinery, Pharmaceutical, Confectionary, Chemical, Mechanical, Industry

"Skerman Ltd,"

Best Makers Of Process And Packaging Equipment For The Confectionery, Food, Pharmaceutical And Cosmetic Industries.

"Special Projects International, Inc."

Buys, Sells, Brokers, And Consigns Quality Used Food And Chemical Process Equipment, Packaging Machinery, And Stainless Steel Pre-Treatment Washers

"Starview Packaging Machinery Inc"

Offering A Complete Range Of Both Standard And Customized Equipment, Namely Skin Packaging Systems, Shuttle And Rotary Blister Sealers, Rotary Sealers For Food And Medical Applications, Vacuum Formers, And Roller Pressure Cutters.

"Sweet Wrappings"

Offers Personalized Chocolate Bar Wrappers For Special Occasions And Corporate Promotions.

"Tara International"

Provides Custom Product Packing And Packaging, With Experience In A Wide Range Of Shelf-Stable Food And Non-Food Categories, Including Baked Goods, Candy, Cereals, Dry Mixes, Sugars, Flours, Soap Products And Dry Ingredient Blends

"Tele-Pak Inc"

Provides Primary And Secondary Packaging For Food And Candy, Consumer Product Sampling, Mailings, Trading And Game Cards, And More


The Worlds Leading Innovator Of Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Systems, Bagmakers, And Weighers-For Snack Foods, Frozen Foods, Bakery, Candy, Powdered Granular Products

"Thc Associate Corp"

Reputed Taiwanese Food Processing And Packaging Machinery Manufacturers, Who Have Serviced These Fields Of Industry For Over 25 Years.

"The Blodgett Company"

Packaging Machines, Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machinery For Food Products Such As Snack Foods, Candy, Coffee, Rice, Beans, And Frozen Foods

"The Woodman Company"

The Worlds Leading Innovator Of Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Systems, Bagmakers And Weighers, Integrated Systems For Snack Foods, Bakery, Confection, Pet Foods And More

"Tom And Sallys Handmade Chocolates -"

Chocolates Made From Belgian And French Couverture, Traditional And Novelty Packaging.

"Tomric Plastics, Inc."

Tomric Plastics Manufactures Thermoformed Plastic Molds And Packaging For The Confectionery Industry. Also Experts In Designing And Producing Quality Custom Molds, Packaging

"Turbo Systems, Inc"

Supply Process Equipment To The Confectionery, Chocolate, Snackfood, Health And Nutrition Bar Industries. Product Line Includes Extruders, Cutters, Chocolate Enrobers, Cooling Tunnels, Candy And Jelly Cookers, Depositors , And Foil Wrapping Machines

"Union Machinery"

Packaging Machines, Wrapping, Production Lines, Processing, Remanufactured, Confectionery Candy, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Food, Bakery

"Utoc Enterprises Pte Ltd"

Utoc.Enterprises Specialize In Packaging Machines Mainly For The Food, Pharmaceutical And Bakery Industries.They Are Also Able To Supply Packaging Materials Such As Containers, Films, Foils, Etc., As A Complete Packaging System .

"Varick Enterprises, Inc"

Manufacturers Representative For The Confectionery And Packaging Industrie. ,Manufacturing Extrusion,Wrapping,Packaging Machinery For Confectionary ,Pharmaceutical,Kneading Industries

"Verlag Eduard Beckmann Kg"

Specializes In Publications For Small Businesses In Candy Snacks Production, Food Packaging, Pest Control, Farming And More.

"Witsenburg Bakery Equipment"

Buys, Sells And Installs Bakery Equipment World Wide Such As Packaigng Machines, Mixers, Food Processing, Planetary, Spiral, Cream, Slicers, Whippers, Bread, Dough, Sourdough, Flour, Equipment, Machines

"Wolf Packaging Machines"

Germany Manufacturer Of Packaging Machines And Packaging Systems

"Wolf Spezialmaschinen"

Filling Machines / Packaging Of Butter, Sweets Wrapping Machines, Sizing, Cutting And Wrapping Machines, Biscuit Packaging, Bar Wrapping Machines, Roll Wrapping Machines

"Worthington Industries, Inc."

Candy Distributor, Including Chocolate, Lollipops, Gifts, Candles, And Wrapping Papers. Plus Helpful Selling Tips.

"Zenith Specialty Bag Co., Inc."

Manufactures Stock And Custom Printed Paper Bags And Packaging For The Bakery, Coffee And Fastfood Industries

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