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"Air Products’"
Products’ Cryogenic Tunnels Are Ideal To Quick-Freeze Or Chill In-Line Products Coming Out Of An Oven (Pre-Cooked Bread, Cakes And Wafers) Before Further Processing Such As Packaging Or Slicing. Product Quality Is Improved And High Production.

"Ambrosia- Foods"

Fan Wafers, From France Are Golden Brown Wafers Of 45ľ Used To Garnish Ice Cream And Other Desserts For A Wonderfully Appealing Appearance. Supplier Of The Wafers

"Belgian Waffle Bakers"

The Belgian Waffle Boat Is Typically A Sunday Brunch Item – But, Can Be Worked Up Into A Midway Concession Or Food Court Specialty. All The Bakers On This Page Use The Belvarian One Step Belgian Waffle Mix.

"Beyond Baskets®"

Tin Of Cinnamon Cappuccino Wafers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cocoa, Lemon Straws, Dried Cherries, Mesquite Corn Nuts, 6 Cookie Joys, Golden Walnut Cookies, Pecan Sweetes, Pretzels, Cordoba Coffee Cookies, 4 Pecan Turtles, And Maxwell S Extraordinary .

"Canadian Bread And Bakery Industry"

Bread And Bakery Products Manufacturerspies, Fruit Pies, Frozen Dessert Pies Doughnuts, Muffins, Pastries (Uncooked Refrigerated And Frozen), Ice Cream Cones Wafers, And Matzo Baking..The Wholesale Bakery Industry Includes A Growing Sub-Set Of Firms.

"Candy Counter Online"

Virtual Candy Counter Offering Delicious Chocolates And Old-Fashioned Candies. Secure Online Shopping. Perfect For Corporate And Personal Gifts. Free Gift Wrapping. Next-Day Delivery Available.

"Cargill Foods"

Confectionery Wafers These Products Are Formulated With A Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil And Hydrogenated Palm Oil Which Gives You A Comparable Texture To That Of Cocoa Butter.

"Chapter Xxx Bartleby"

Gingerbreads, Cookies, And Waferspastry Desserts Cake... All These Under Our Site U Get All The Best Products .

"Chocolate Decadence"

Chocolate Decadence Offers Pure Dark Chocolate Wafers , Chocolate Espresso Wafers , Chocolate Covered Roasted Nuts , Truffles And Cordials .


Our Pralines Are Custom Made To Order Daily. Try Orange, Maple, Or Keylime Creams, Taste The Bourbon Truffle Or A Delectable Kahlua Puff, And Experience The Ultimate Chocolate Rush. Our Chocolate Covered Cherries Are Indescribable.


We Manufacture Chocolate Produtcs For Pastry, Hostelery, Sweet Shops And Ice Cream Shops. Other Products Are Cookies,Ice Creams,Biscuits,Cones,Sweet,Shops,Wafers,Manufacturing,Distributor,Exporter,Food,Chocolates,Barquillos,Pasteleria.

"Colombina S.A"

Colombian Company Dedicated To Made And Market Candies, Chocolates , Wafers , Crakers, Cakes, Ice Creams, Snacks And Candied Fruit


Cookie Jar Sets, Homemade Cookies, Wafers That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Desires.Sets,Wafers,Homemade Cookies,Chocolate Chip Cookies,Dessert Wafers


Sunflowers To Brighten The Day. A Clay Pot Carries A Delightful Combination Of Goodies. Sherwood Wafers, Chocolate Caramels, Tropical Ice Tea, Wild Flower Honey And Sweet And Crunchy Trail Mix Beautifully Decorated With A Handmade Miniature Bird .

"Elledl Spa"

Elledi - Rebisco Is An Italian Confectionary Company Which Manufactures Bakes, Wafers, Cookies, Biscuits, Tarts, Jam Pastries, Doughnuts, Soft Cakes, Candit

"Forest Hill, Inc. Spa Wafers"

A Tasty Eureopean Treat Since The Mid-1800 , Spa Wafers Have Been Reminding Visitors From Around The World Of The Atmosphere Of The Spa Promenade.


Cheddar Wafers Light, Crisp Wafers, Packed Full Of Mature Cheddar Cheese Cheddar & Sundried Tomato Wafers Light, Crisp Wafers, With Mature Cheddar And Sundried Tomato .

"Garudafood Group"

Wafer Stick Is A Leisure Time Snack, Available In Various Flavour : Chocolate, Pandan And Strawberry A Delicious Snack Suitable For All Occassion, On Trip, Party Even As A Gift. It Has A Special Chocolate Taste And Highly Nutrious.


Ice Cream Cones,Wafer Biscuits,Food Machinery,Food Processing,Bakery Machinery,Icecream,Sugarcones,Bisquits,Vafler,Gaufrettes,Cream Wafers,Hot Chocolate,Waffle,Wafflin,Biscuits, Ice Cream Cone Machines, Wafer Biscuit Machinery, Cone Baking Machines.

"Golden Batch"

Golden Batch Brand Of Snack/Cookie Products. We Are Proud To Have Been The First Cookie Manufacturer In The World To Produce A Sugar Free Wafer Sweetened With Nutrasweet And Also The First Cookie Manufacturer To Develop A Reduced Fat Free Creme Wafer


Almond Or Nut Cake Apple Cake With Sabayonne Birthday Kringle (Fxdselsdagskringle) Shaped Wafers (Krumkaker) Cherry Cream Cake (Kirseb_Rkremkake) The Dairymaidęs Wafers (Seterjentas Rxmmebrxd).

"Good Health Natural Foods Inc."

Good Health Natural Foods Inc. Is The Manufacturer Of Veggie Stix, Olive Oil Potato Chips, Peanut Butter Pretzels, Apple Chips, Popcorn, Candy, Crackers, And Other Gourment Products As Well As Natural And Cosmetic Soaps From France.

"Heavenly Treats & Treasures"

Gift Baskets Featuring Gourmet Chocolates From The Finest Chocolatiers As Well As Gourmet Cookies, Cakes, Coffees, Cocoas, Teas, Ciders, Caviar, Cheeses, Smoked Salmon, And More, Imported From Around The World And Placed In Beautiful Custom Made Gift

"Holland American Wafers"

E Are A Specialty Food Manufacturer Serving The Wafer Cookie, Granola Bar, Cereal And Candy Industries.Sugar Wafers, Fudge Sticks, Granola, Cereal, Warehousing, Co-Packing, Cookies, Cereal Bars, Crisp Rice Bars, Waffle Cremes, Dutch Twins.Etc.


Our Products Have Been Eaten By Most Of Indonesian People And Most Of Them Have Been Making It To Be Their Tradition. We Enrich Our Products With Various Kinds Of Taste And It Was Developed And Perfected To Satisfy The Growing Number Of People Always

"Josef Manner & Comp.Ag"

An Extensive Range Of Chocolates, Confectionery Products And Biscuits Are Manufactured Cream Filled Wafer

"Jubilee Wafers For Dogs"

Jubilee Gag Wafers Are Specifically Formulated For Dogs, These Wafers Are Food Products That May Function To Inhibit Cartilage Degradation By-Helping To Stimulate The Body S Ability To Produce More Gag S.

"K Keong Food Industries Sdn. Bhd."

Production Of Ice-Cream Cones, Ice-Cream Cups, Biscuit Cones, Molded Cone, Single Cone, Double Ice Cream Cones, Wafer, Wafer Cones, Wafer Cups ...Supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter Of Food Production Food Industries In Malaysia.

"Laiko Kafekoptio"

Industry That Supplies All Types Of Snack Items Like Chips Hot Chips Choco Dips Cream Wafers And Plain Wafers Or Ice Cream Wafers For All Types Of Ice Creams.

"Little Apple Pastry Shop"

We Make Chocolate Baskets Filled With More Chocolates, Jelly Beans And Even Grass Made From Coconut. Lollipops And Hand Painted Boxes Are Our Specialties. Lollipops Come Shaped Like Horses, Basketballs, Football, Golf, Baseball And Othe


Occasional Constipation Causes, Treatments And Prevention Advice. The Health Benefits Of Fiber Fiber Helps Promote Regularity. How To Add Fiber To Your Diet Experts Say That You Need 20-35 Grams Of Fiber Each Day. Metamucil® Products Try Our Apple Cr

"Midwest Refreshments"

Offers Crackers , Chips & Pretzels , Candy , Cookies , Snacks , Pastries , Sandwiches , Etc .,

"Munchables, Inc"

Popcorn, Pop Corn, Snacks, Snack Food, Low-Fat, Spices, Spice, Healthy Foods,Hips, Onion Rings, French Fries, Potato Chips, Cheese Puffs, Cheetos,Wafer,Potato Wafers And Cream Wafers Ruffles, Good-For-You Foods

"Munchy Food Industries Sdn. Bhd"

The Newest, Largest, And Most Advance Company In Malaysia For Wafer And Biscuit Products. The Newly Constructed Factory Located In Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia Consists Of A Build Up Area Of More Than 110,000 Sq. Feet. Headed By A Young Management Tea

"N.P. & Company, Inc"

Great Number Of Snack, Confectionery Cake, Chocolate, Confectionery, Cookie, Cooky, Pan Cake, Peanut, Potato, Potato Chip, Puff,


The Necco Family Of Products Includes Necco Wafers, Mary Janes, Sweethearts, Sky Bar, Haviland Thin Mints, Mighty Malts And Now Clark Bar Too.

"Patricia E. Murphy"

Raspberry Flavored, Chewy Snack Wafers Are Handy For People On The Go. They Are A Tasty, Quick Snack That Provides A Convenient Way To Receive A Rich Source Of Nutrients, Plus A Daily Supply Of Algae In A Small Package. Great For Children .


Eat A Few Crisp Ginger Thins And You Ll Be Tasting A Bit Of Swedish Tradition. It S Not Christmas Without Pepparkakor, But You Can Enjoy These Crisp Wafers Anytime, Year-Round! Each Box Is 5.25 Oz., About 30 Cookies. From Sweden.

"Perfect Food Manufacturing"

Manufacturing Of A Wide Range Of Premium Biscuits, Wafer All Of Which Are Marketed Under The Established Brand Name Of Julies.


A Fine Line Of Products Pirouline Chocolate Wafer Rolls,Super Crispy And Light Wafer With A Delicate Chocolate Lining And Other Types Of The Wafers.

"Rivington Food"

Manufacturers Of High Quality Wafer Biscuits Free And Lo-Protinewafers,Made From Potato Starch.Available Inn Vanilla Orange And Chocolates.

"S.H Bates Company"

Distributes Ice Cream Ingredients World-Wide Cookies,Wafers, Chocolate, Fruits,Nuts.

"Sesame Snap Wafers"

Sesame Snap Wafers Are A Crunchy Snack These Unusual Cookies Offer A Different Look And Taste Every Time When You Vary The Recipe With A Variety Of Seeds, Such As Flax Or Black Sesame Seeds. Sesame Snap Wafers Taste Best When Made With Robin Hood All

"Sherwood Brands"

Distrubuters Of Elana Chocolates, Ruges Wafers, Sherwood Chocolates, Sherwood Candies, Sherwood Wafers, Sherwood Buscuits.

"Shop Stashtea"

Faithfully Baked Following A 200 Year Old European Recipe, These Delicately Crisp Wafers Are Made Of Pounded Almonds, Sweet Butter, Pure Cane Sugar And Rare Bourbon Vanilla Beans. Beautiful Tin Contains 48 Almond Dessert Wafers. 6.75 Oz.

"Southern Kitchen"

Southern Food, Southern Food Resources, Southern Food Web Sites, Southern Cookings, Southern Recipes, Recipesfor Wafers From The South, Shrimp.

"Spanish Industry"

"Bakery, Cake Or Biscuit Products, Including Those With Cocoa; Eucharistic Wafers, Empty Capsules, Sealing Wafers, Desiccated Biscuits."

"Takari International Inc."

Snacks, Biscuits, Arrow Brand, Cream Crackers, Wafers And Wafer Sticksis One Of The Fastest Growing Trading Companies Specializing In Snack Foods And Restaurant Supplies. Japanese Snack Foods, Wafer Sticks, Wafers, Crackers, Biscuits, Sqare Puffs.


Green Tea Wafer Pie Is A Cream Coated, Crisp Wafer With A...Between The Wafers. The Texture Is Crisp And The Flavor Is Sweet Creamy... One Of The Leading Producer Of The Green Tea Wafers.

"The H N K Bakery"

Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Special Occasion Cakes Sugar-Free Cheesecake, Pies & Cookies, Muffins, Danish ,Wafers Of All Types.

"The Village Bakery"

A Converted Stone Barn Beside Melmerby S Rolling Green, With The Pennine Hills Just Behind, Is The Setting For This Innovative Village Bakery And Restaurant Dedicated To Baking Bread And Serving Food Made With Natural Vital Ingredients.


Alesta Laboratories Impex Trade Co Corn Oil , Pulses, Food Products , Food , Bees Honey , Honey Exporter Exporters , Acacia , Honey Quality , Honey Analysis , Olive Oil .

"United Food Pubic Ltd"

U Nited Foods Co., Ltd. Was Incorporated Product Expansion Focuses On Biscuit, Wafer, Snack, Candy And Jelly. The Company Invested In New Machinery And In The Import Technology For Its Product Development, Capacity Increase, And Efficiency.


The Best Crackers On Earth.,Supplier Of The Different Types Of The Wafers Like Venus® Wine, Cheese & Caviar Crackers,Venus® Gourmet Soup Crackers,Venus® Fat Free Crackers,Venus® Spicy Fat Free Crackers,Venus® Cracker Bread & Water Crackers.


Different Types Of The Wafers Like The Okayo Wafer Chocolate Cream Wafer Strawberry Cream Wafer Chocolate Cream Okayo Wafer Pandan Cream Etc.

"Yohay Baking Company, Inc."

Chocolate Coated Wafer Tarts: Choco Tarts...Convenient And Simple To Use. Fill With Mousse, Puddings, Fresh Fruit, Ice Cream And Bakery Fillings. Freeze Or Refrigerate For Early Preparation. And Different Types Of The Wafer.

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