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"Adgums Private Limited"
Gum Thickeners from Guar, Tamarind & Tapioca Starch for Printing \nof Textile Dyes & Sizing of Cotton Fibres, for Beater & Wet-End \nAdditive & Surface Sizer in Paper Manufacture, Food Processing \nStabilisers & Binding Agents

"Al-Hadha Group"

Provides All Kinds Of Foodstuff - Particularly Sugar , Wheat & Wheat Flour , Grain & Edible Oils.

"Alborz Flour Industrial Co."

Leading Manufacturer Of Flour,Mill And Grounding.

"Allied Mills"

Allied Mills Stands At The Forefront Of The Uk`S Flour Milling Industry. This Leadership Has Been Achieved By Blending The Traditional Values

"Allied Mills."

British Flour Miller, Supplying A Comprehensive Range Of Flours As Well As Other Related Products.

"Allinson Baking"

The Allinson Range Of Products Contains A Vast Range Of Flours And Yeasts Perfect For All Your Baking Needs.

"Altrafine Gums"

Naturally sourced Guar Gum, guar gum powder for Food Products, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Confectionery, Water Treatment, Mining, Drilling, Explosives etc. Guar Gum Exporter from India

"Arva Flour Mills Limited,"

They Custom Mill Products For Very Specific Needs...From Breads, Pizza And Pies, To Cakes And Cookies. Arva Flour Mills Provides Flour Products In Sizes To Fit All Different Sizes Of Baking Operations From Small Bags To Large Bulk Systems

"Australian Flour Mills"

Exporter, Wholesalers, And Distributors Of Australian Grown And Milled Wheat Flour, Brans, And Grains.

"Authentic Foods"

Manufacturer Of Wheat-Free And Gluten-Free Prepared Mixes, Flours, And Natural Flavors.Garfava Flour Will Make A Difference In Your Gluten-Free Recipes.

"Autumn Harvest Gourmet Foods"

Provide The World With The Most Delicious, All Natural Seasonings, Gourmet Dip, Salsa Mixes, And Seasoned Bread Mixes

"Azteca Foods, Inc.."

This Page, Is A Gateway To Information About Azteca Foods Products And Services Manufacturing To Help Maintain The High Quality For Which We Are Famous

"Bagrrys India Limited"

A Leading Manufacturer Of High Fibre Health Foods Under The Brand Name Of Bagrrys. Its Products Include Crunchy Muesli, Choco Chip Muesli, White Oats, Oat Bran, Special Oatwheat Cereal, Germinated

"Baker & Baker"

Philip Orth, A German Immigrant, Leaves The Milwaukee Milling Company To Go Into Business For Himself. The Ph. Orth Company Is Founded In Sullivan, Wisconsin, And Operates As A Miller And Trader Of Flour, Feed And Grains.

"Baker Boulanger"

In Canada, Robin Hood Holds The Lion`S Share Of The Market For Flour Products And For Good Reason

"Bakery Shop"

Offers Fresh Gourmet Flours, Grains & Cereals Truly The Finest, Freshest Flours And Grains Possible Anywhere And All From Golden Fields Farms

"Ballybrado Ltd"

A Major Supplier Of Organic Grain, Flour, Bread, Biscuits For The Fine And Healh Food Sector In Ireland And The Rest Of Europe. In Addition A Range Of Organically Sourced Woolen Products, From Yarn To Garment Is Marketed Too.

"Bay State Milling"

For Nearly A Century, Bay State Milling Has Been Making The Finest Flour Available. Some Say The Craft Of Baking Is Dying. They Mill Flour For Those Of You Working To Keep It


Bulk Foods Spices Nuts Chocolates Candy Candies Dried Fruits Trail Mixes Nutritional Lecithin Bee Pollen Yeast Fructose Soup Bases Beans Seeds Grains Flours Bulkfood Bulkfoods

"Butte Creek Mill"

Operating Historic Grist Mill Producing A Wide Range Of Bread, Pastry, And Whole Wheat Flours And Bake Mixes, As Well As Whole Grain Cereals. Offerswhole Wheat Bread Flour, Soya Flour, Yellow Corn Flour, Barley Flour , Rye Flour Etc.

"Cahokia Flour Compan"

Serving America`S Heartland With Ingredients And Supplies From Seven Strategically Located Distribution Centers.

"Cappuccino Country"

Coffees, Preserves, Butters, Dressings, Soups, Breads, Cakes, Bread Mixes, Soups & Breads , Etc.,

"Carbon`S Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle Flour"

F.S. Carbon Manufactures Golden Malted Pancake & Waffle Flour Mixes For Use In Restaurants Within The Food Service Industry. Carbon_s Blends Superior And Tastee Flour From The Heartland That Enables Our Customers The Ability To Prepare A Gourmet

"Carrs Flour Mills Ltd."

Products Offered:Carrs White Flours ,Carrs Brown Flours And Carrs Sauce Flour.

"Casa Fiesta"

"Offers Sophisticated Blend Of Ground Red Chili Peppers, Pinto Bean Flour, Onion, And Garlic Masterfully Combined With Bell Pepper; Vinegar Powder And Spices To Enhance The Flavor Of Any Burrito."

"Cathys Country Store"

Offering Flour For Bread Machines And Staples Such As Sugar, Grains, Dried Foods And More.

"Cedarlane Natural Foods Inc"

Offers Wheat Flour,Which Contain No Oil, Are Fat Free And Taste Great! Their Tortillas Are Perfect For Making Burritos, Rolled Sandwiches,

"Chamberlin`S Market & Cafe"

Offering Healthful Herbs, Teas, Whole Grain Flours, Powdered Supplements And More. Has Grown Into A Full Service Natural Foods Grocery Market With Wholesome Baked Goods,


Involved In Testing And Analysis Of Wheat And Wheat Flour. As A Manufacturer Of Quality Control Instrumentation, Chopin Has Actively Participated In The Improvement Of The Quality Of Wheat And Derived Products.

"Coconut Bread.Com"

Thier Coconut Bread Contains Whole Wheat Flour, Fruit And Nuts, A Complete Nutritional Breakdown Will Be Included With Your Order

"Cook Natural Products"

Operated As A Grain And Flour Trading Company Under Control Of The Cook Family Wheat Variety Plays A Vital Role In Determining Flour Quality.

"Country Products Group (Cpg)"

"Products Seed And Tablestock Potatoes And Dry Edible Beans; Edible Sunflower Seeds And Bird Food And Flours."


A Collection Of Nutrition Labels For A Wide Variety Of Breads And Grains, Including Namebrands.

"Daily Bread Co., Inc"

Bread Mix Distributors Also Offers Chocolate Cherry, Harvest Pumpkin, Holiday Cranberry And Lemon Poppy Seed

"Daisy Flour Mill"

Offers An Exceptional Value To Our Guests. From The Lovely Environment And Exceptional Food To The Friendly And Professional Staff

"Didion Milling, Inc."

Operates Dry Corn Milling And A Soybean Processing Facilities In Southern Wisconsin. Products Include Yellow, White, Organic, And Non-Gmo Corn Grits, Flours, Cones, Meals And Soybean Flours.


Manufacturer Of Cookies, Scones, Brownies And Other Bakery Goods.We Make Our Products Like You Would (Pure Ingredients, Small Batches, With Great Care).

"Dover Flour Mills"

"A ""Blue Chip"" Performer With Interests In Many Facets Of The Food Industry Robinson Cone, Bondware And Howell Packaging Each Play A Profitable Role In The Success Of Dover Industries."

"Eagle Roller Mill Company."

Eagle Mills Are Specializes In Bread Mix Products For Your Bread Machine Or Conventional Oven.

"Eris Flour Mills"

Specialized In Flour Milling Industry And International Marketing Of Wheat Flour, Edible Oils I.E. Sunflower, Corn, Soy Oils , Durum Wheat Pasta And Feeds. Producing High Quality Wheat Flours Since 1974.

"Farmgro Organic Foods"

A Certified Organic Processor And Exporter Of Flour, Grains And Specialty Crops Producers, Distributors And Food Manufacturers Are Subject To An Annual Third-Party Inspection And A Stringent Set Of Certification Standards

"Fiddler`S Green Farm"

"Certified Organic And Stone Ground Grainsorganic Stoneground Flour, Corn Meal Organic Pancake And Waffle Mixes; Organic Muffin, Biscuit, Cookie, And Cake Mixes; Organic Cereals"

"Gluten-Free Pantry, Inc"

Mailorder Gluten And Wheat-Free Gourmet Baking Mixes, Baking Equipment, Baking Ingredients Cookbooks, Vitamins, Bread Machines, Pasta And More

"Gold Coin Group"

Manufactures And Distributes Flour And Agricultural And Aquacultural Feeds.

"Goodman Fielder"

Australasias Largest Food Manufacturer, Producing Many Of Australia And New Zealands Most Popular And Well - Known Brands As Well As Products And Ingredients For The Food Service, Commercial And Industrial Sectors.Flour Millers And Bakers.


Gourmetnow.Com Is A Online Store Featuring A Bread Mixes, Nuts, Chips, Dassant New England Pumpkin Spice Bread & Muffin Mix , Etc.,

"Grain Millers, Inc."

Best Source For Premium Specialty Grain Products, Buckwheat Flour . Offers Grain Millers Specialty Grains From Their Distributor On Your Behalf.

"Grain Store"

Best Source For Basic Food Storage. Specialize In The Simple And Inexpensive -- Maximum Nutrition For Minimum Cost. Also Provide The Beginner In Food Storage With Helpful Information And Tools To Get Started

"Great Grains Milling Co."

Offers Products Include The Following:Whole Wheat Flour ,Golden Wheat Flour ,Wheat Bran And Wheat Berries (Whole, Unground Wheat)

"Halton Flour"

Millers Of Quality Hard & Soft Wheat Flours They Custom Mill And Blend To Customers Specifications Full Line Of Variety Bread And Cookie Mixes, Waffle And Pancake Mixes

"Hayhoe Mills Ltd"

Offers The Grain, Once Ground Into Flour, Springs And Germinates No More. Online Shopping Also Avilable.

"Highwood Crossing."

Organic Products:Cold Pressed Oils,Whole Grains,Cereals And Flours And Mixes.

"Hodgson Mill"

Offers Bread And Baking Mixes As Well As Corn Meals, Pastas, And Flours.This Is The Place For Those Tasty Foods And A Whole Lot More.

"Hovis Flour"

With An Array Of Tempting Recipes Using Hovis Bread Flour, This Site Will Inspire You To Get Baking. The Recipes Are Easy To Follow So Whatever Your Baking Experience, You Can Get Perfect Results Every Time

"Hummingbird Kitchens"

Offers Soups, Dips, Beans, Breads, And Cheddar And Jalapeno Quick Bread Mix , Italian Herb & Cheese Quick Bread Mix

"Indian Fry Bread Mix"

Offering Osage Fry Bread Mix For Personal, Restaurant, Retail, Or Fund-Raising Uses

"Industrias Harieneras"

Products Include Flours, Balanced Rations, Cereals, And Sunflower Seeds.

"J.R. Short Milling Co."

Produce Grain Products For Customer Needs.. Many Varieties Of Corn Grits, Corn Meal, Corn Flour, And Corn Bran Are Milled From Yellow And White Corn. A New Plant Now Mills Corn Masa Flour, From White Corn And From Yellow Corn.Also Mill Arepa Flour.

"Jet Set Pet"

Their Biscuits Are Made With Organic Rice And Oat Flour. Healthy Organic Rice And Oat Flour, Brewers Yeast And Garlic For Yucky Fleas And Ticks

"Jiffy Mix"

Offers Golden Yellow Cake Mix Baking Mix And Pancake Mix Are Stamped On The Top Of The Package.

"Jowar Foods Inc."

Sorghum Based Food Products Including Flour, Pancake Mix, And Muffin Mix.Jowar Flour:This Flour Can Be Substituted For Rice Flour Great For Breads, Pizza Dough, Cakes, And Pastries.

"Jyotika Industries."

Pioneers In Manufacturer And Exporters Of Tea, Soup, Coffee, Flour Strainers And Other Household Articles Like Soap Cases Etc.

"Kenyons Grist Mill"

Producing Ground Meals And Flours, As Well As Johnnycake Mixes And Other Baking Goods.

"King Arthur Flour."

The Absolute Best In Home Baking, Flour, Bread Baking, Recipes, Ingredients, And Baking Tools.

"La Favorita Foods"

"Specializes In Corn And Flour Tortillas, Tortilla Chips, And Fried Chalupa Shells.Offersflour Tortillas:Heat-Pressed 8"" Flour Tortilla And Heat-Pressed 12"" Flour Tortillas."

"Lamontanita Co-Op Supermarket"

Offers Cooking A Variety Of Whole Grains, Including Oat Groats, Rye, Amaranth, Barley, Flours And More.

"Lamsoon(Hong Kong) Limited."

Manufacturer, Marketer, And Distributor Of Edible Oil, Detergent, Flour, Frozen Food, And Aluminium Cans In Hong Kong, China And Taiwan.

"Lehi Mill"

Offers Unique Gift Ideas, High Protein Wheat And Food Storage Products - Gourmet Mixes, Flour, Hot Cereals, Etc.,

"Little Salkeld Watermill"

Produces A Fine Organic Range Of All Purpose Breadmaking And Baking Flours.All Our Flours Are Milled The Traditional Way. Exceptional Quality And Flavour, Making Delicious Bread, Biscuits, Cakes, Scones And Pastries.

"Los Amigos Tortilla Mfg., Inc."

Manufacturer Of Corn And Flour Tortillas And Tortilla Chips.

"Low Carb Nexus"

Support For Low Carb/ Ketogenic Dieters On Atkins, Protein Power, Sugarbusters, Carbohydrate Addicts, Zone, Neanderthin, And Other Low Carb, Sugar Free Diets With Weight Loss Products And Information!

"Mah Machine Co. Ltd."

Serve Flour Industry With High Quality Bagging And Filling Machines, Moisture Controller, Wheat Weigher, And Many Other Equipment.

"Mahler`S Bakery"

Our Black Forest Rye Bread Is A Fresh Baked, Sliced One Pound Bread That Takes You Back To Old Fashioned Germany Style Baked Bread Like Those Our Grandparents Made


Make A Difference By Providing Affordable Food Products And Supplies Offer Free Training Classes

"Manjilas Agro Foods Ltd"

Exporters Of Double Horse Brand Rice And Rice Products, Including Powders, Idli, And Dosa Mix.

"Mansinghka Sons"

Exporters Of Edible Oils In Small Pack, Wheat Flour Edible Oils, Fats, Grains And Sugar

"Mennel Milling Company"

A Unique Company With Unique Individuals Who Care About The Company And Contribute Solidly To Its Survival And Continuity

"Mercato Marga"

This Is A Nice Italian Made Mill That Will Also Make Flakes As Well As Flour. It Will Grind Fine Flour.

"Millers Foods"

Australian Owned And Operated Flour Mill Servicing The Needs Of The Baking Industry In Western Australia.

"Minnesota Grain"

Providing Quick And Convenient Products With The Nutrition That Only Natural Ingredients, Flour, Many Forms Of Whole Wheat

"Minsa Corporation"

Producer Of Corn Masa Flour.

"Mission Foods Foodservice."

Manufacturers Of Corn And Flour Tortillas And Wraps, Chips, Taco Shells, Salsa, And More.

"Molino Pasini S.P.A"

Flours And Semi-Finished Products For Bread, Pasta, Pizza, Confectionery.

"Montana Merchandising Inc."

Serving The Baking Industry For Over 10 Years With Quality Products Grown And Processed Here In Montana.

"Montana`S Best Products"

Committed To Providing The Highest Quality Bulk Food Grains Available With Customer Service That Goes Far Beyond The Sale

"Morgans Mills"

Manufacturers And Distributes Organic Flours And Wholegrain Baking Mixes.

"Morrison Milling Company,Inc."

Produces Food Service And Retail Products Such As Cornbread, Biscuits, Pancakes, Flour, And More.

"Mosher Products"

Mosher Products, Offering Wheat, Grain, And Farm Products, Their Products Are Wheat, Grain, Alfalfa, Cabbage, All Natural Wheat, Corn, Amaranth, Tricale, Soybeans, Oats, Millet, Spelt, Beans, Mills, Home Canning Supplies,Dehydrator, Cheyenne Wyoming

"Mui Hiong Foodstuff Company"

Manufacturing And Sales Of Food Stuffs.Sakura Brand Covers Self-Raising Flour, Fruit Mix, Corn Flour, Flavoring Liquid Colour, Baking Powder, Soda Bicarbonate, Cocoa Powder,Colour Powder, Icing Sugar, Mix Peel And Sago Flour, Solo Cup.

"Neeps, Inc."

Offers Rice Flour, Soy Flour, Wheat Flour, Chicken & Rice. Kitten Food, Ground Whole Wheat, Dried Egg Product

"Ng Wah International Development Ltd."

Dealing With Chinese Starch, Flour, Native Porduce, And Chemicals.

"North Dakota"

Offers Most Widely Distributed Cereal Grain In The World. Their Flour From Wheat Is The Framework For Almost All Baked Goods, As Well As Pasta, Cereal And Many Other Products. U.S

"Nunweiler`S Flour Co"

Whole Grain Flour And Ingredients That Keep Health And Nutrition In Mind Like Non-Aluminum Baking Powder And Sea Salt.

"Nunweiler`S Flour Co. Inc."

Their Pancake & Waffle Mixes Are Made With Only 100% Whole Grain Flour And Ingredients That Keep Health And Nutrition In Mind Like Non-Aluminum Baking Powder And Sea Salt.

"Olde Shenandoah, Inc"

Soups, Pasta, Bread Mixes, Salad Dressings, Preserves, Apple Butter And Gifts. Certified Organic And Kosher Herbs, Spices, And Herbal Capsules

"Ole Mexican Foods, Inc."

Makers Of Corn And Flour Tortillas.

"Pacific Grain Products (Pgp)"

Is A Food Ingredient Company That Develops, Manufactures, And Markets Ingredient Products For Domestic And International Customers In Various Segments Of The Food Industry

"Passary Minerals Ltd."

Rourkela-Based Processor Of Wheat And Gram Dal Flour. It Also Manufactures Import Susbstitute Synthetic Ceramics And Refractory Raw Material.

"Peace Meal Bread Co."

Made With Cornmeal, Oats, Unbleached Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Buttermilk, And Dried Honey.

"Perten Instruments Ab"

Perten Instruments Combine Advanced Technology And Expressed Needs From The Industry. By Applied Research We Can Offer Instruments, Which Produce Informative Results And Help You To Optimise Your Operation. Perten Instruments Offer Tools For Total Qu

"Pizza Pro"

Provides Home Bakers With Professional Pizza Flour And The Cooks Guide.

"Platinum Nut"

Seller Of Natural Almonds, Roasted Almonds And Almond Flour. Our Almonds Are Premium Quality, Processed At A State-Of-The-Art, Ultra Clean Facility.

"Potatoking Foods Limited"

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Potato Flake, Flour, Powder And Chips.

"Presto Flour"

Presto Self Rising Cake Flour - You Can Bake Almost Everything With Presto. A Favorite Since 1902. Register Forfree Coupons And Recipe Updates

"Progressive Baker."

Offers Progressive Baker Pastry Flour Milled From Soft Winter Wheat, This All-Purpose Pastry Flour Is Low In Protein, For Producing Baked Goods

"Puremalt Products Ltd"

Specialist Producer Of Natural Malt Ingredients, Flours, Extracts And Concentrate Beers For Flavor, Sweetness, Color, Nutrition, Enzymes And Texture.

"Purity Foods, Inc."

Produce And Distribute The Vita-Spelttm Line Of Spelt Pastas And Flours, Both Unbleached White And Whole Grain, As Well As A Wide Selection Of Grains, Beans And Dried Fruits. We Also Provide Various Products To The Baking Industy Such As Sweeteners.

"Quality Bakers Of America"

Provide Guidelines For Flour Quality Predicated On Current Crop Attributes. Develop Quality Control Programs That Track The Quality Of The Flour And The Supplier`S Performance

"Raging Burrito"

Offers Wheat Or Spinach Tortillas Flours Black Or Pinto Beans, Brown Rice, Jack And Cheddar Cheese, Salsa Fresca

"Rank Hovis"

Rank Hovis - Britain`S Biggest Flour Millers And Home Of Hovis Wheatgerm Bread. Bread, Flour, Hovis, Granary, Warburtons, Baking, Millers, Wheat

"Rank Hovis Limited."

Rank Hovis Is The Flour Milling Division Of The Rhm Group. It Produces All Types Of Flour, Including Two Well-Known Brands Under The Registered Trademarks Hovis And Granary.


Rible Is A Revolutionary Natural Health Food Product From Japan. Its Popularity Well Exceeds The Limited Circle Of Health Food Lovers

"Robin Hood"

The Interactive Baking Festival. Lighter, Fluffier Cakes, The Most Delectable Squares And Many Other Delicious Desserts Begin Right Here With These Wonderful Recipes.

"Rocky Mountain Milling, Llc"

The Newest And Largest Flour Mill Dedicated To Processing Organic Wheat Into Flour. Offers The Finest Quality Flours

"Rudys Tortillas"

Makers Of Corn, Flour, And Flavored Tortillas, As Well As Chips And Shells.

"S.P.A Societa Di Macinazione"

Offers Various Kinds Of Flour: For Bread, Cakes, Pastries And Pizzas. A Special Plant Produces Semi-Processed Products For Specific Types Of Bread

"Sanfong Group."

Devoted To The Production Of Polypropylene (Pp) Woven Bags (Suit To Pack Rice, Flour, Fertilizer And Fodder, Etc.) And Electronic Products For Over 27 Years.

"Santa Barbara Baking Company"

Offers Walnut Streusel Coffee Bread, Lemon Bread, German Chocolate Bread, Has A Unique Flavor Derived From A European Cocoa Powder And Chocholate Chips. This Is The Ideal Coffee Bread For Chocolate Lovers

"Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad"

Manufacturer Of Curry Powder,Spices And Flour Household Groceries, Agencies, Importers & Exporters.

"Sanwa Inter-Food Co., Ltd"

One Of Thailand`S Leading Manufacturers Of Instant Food Such As Wheat Flour Noodles, Rice Flour Noodles, And Soup

"Seaboard Corp."

Overseas The Company Is Engaged In Flour Milling, Citrus And Produce Farming, Shrimp Production And Processing, Sugar Refining, Power Generation, And Polypropylene Bag Manufacturing

"Shawnee Milling Company"

Division Meets The Custom Milling And Mixing Needs Of Customers With Outstanding Flour And Corn Milling Facilities And A Sophisticated Mix Plant Providing The Finest Baking Products Available

"Shirley J Fantastic Food Storage"

Offers An Excellent Dry Cream Soup Base Or Sauce Mix That Can Be Made Quickly By Adding Water And Bringing It To A Boil. Simply Add Vegetables, Meats, Or Leftovers For A Terrific Gourmet Soup.

"Soya Company, Inc."

Primarily Related To The Production Of Food For Human Consumption. It Begins With The Procurement Of Raw Agricultural Products And Involves Oilseed Processing, Vegetable Oil Refining

"Special Foods Flours"

Special Foods Offers Many Rare Flours: White Sweet Potato, Cassava, Malanga, Yam, Lotus, Water Chestnut, Artichoke, Amaranth, Milo, Quinoa.

"Spl Ltd."

Import And Export Spices, Flours,Specialist Foods, And Exotic Ingredients For Retail, Wholesale, And Food Manufacture.

"Stansel Rice Co."

Ellis Stansel`S Gourmet Rice, Known As Popcorn Rice, Is An Aromatic Long Grain Rice. It It The First And Oldest Label Of Della Popcorn Rice In The Us. It May Be The Finest White Or Brown Rice In The Gourmet Food

"Stel Trade"

Offers The Most Reliable Site For Trading Wheat Flour To Deal With Buyers Or Buyer`S Mandates And Agents That Are Direct To The Buyer

"Sunorganic Farm"

Offering Only The Finest Certified Organically Grown Foods Direct To You: Nuts, Dried Fruits, Nut Butters, Herbs, Grains, Seeds, Oils, Flour, And More

"Survival Food"

The Focus Will Be On Bulk Foods, Particularly Those With A Long Shelf Life Such As Grains, Rice And Dried Beans Vita-Spelt Products (Flours, Mixes And Pastas),

"Sweet Mart"

Indian Spices, Exotic Foods, Chapati Flour Brown Ethnic Restaurant Supplies And Ingredients By On-Line Shopping And Mail-Order

"Tai Ann Noodle Factory"

Tai Ann Noodle Factory Has Been Using Top Quality Natural Ingredients And Wheat Flour To Manufacture Our Wide Range Of Noodle Products.

"The Birkett Mills"

World Leader In Providing Buckwheat Products, Including Whole Groats, Wolffs Kasha Roasted Kernels In Various Granulations , Pocono Cereal And Flours.

"The Flour Bin"

Specialised In Supplying Master Baker Grade Flours To The Home Baker, With The Emphasis On Canadian Wheat Based Bread Flours. These Are The Very Strong Flours That Are Not Generally Available In Supermarkets .

"The Flour Garden Bakery"

Rather Than Baking With The Commercial/Industrial Methodology Of Using Manufactured Mixes And Artificial Flavorings, Flour Garden Bakes With A Special Blend Of Classical European-Style

"The Fowler`S Milling Company"

The Mill Also Stone Grinds Corn Meal And Whole Wheat Flours That Are Used As Ingredients In Many Of The Baking Mixes Made Here.

"The Old Mill Of Guilford"

Produces Unbleached Flour,High Gluten Flour,Whole Wheat Flour, Pastry,Whole Wheat Flour, Hard Red,Rye Flour , Buckwheat Flour And Unbleached Flour/Self Rising.

"The South India Flour Mills Limited"

,Flour Mill,Wheat,Wheat Products,Pulses Flour,Pulses,Flour,Wheat Flour,Semolina,Bran,Wheat Germ,Gram Flour,Rice Flour,Ragi Flour,Samba Wheat Flour,Food Products,Importer,Exporter,Food Grains,Chennaiflour Mill,Indian Flour Mill,Indian Expoters,Indian

"The Wheat Bin Inc."

Our Soy Flour Comes From Non-Gmo Specialty Soybeans And Is Processed Naturally With Out The Use Of Any Chemicals

"Tradin Organic Agriculture B.V."

Offers Rices, Nuts, Forzen Fruits, Flours, Flakes And Starches, Fats And Oils, Dried Fruits, Cocoa Products, Cereales And Grains, Beans, Etc.,

"Triumph Cafe"

In Addition To Great Coffee, They Also Serve Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads, And Authentic Vietnamese Dishes. Our Breakfast Menu Includes Croissants, Bagels, Tacos, And A Variety Of French Pastries.

"Wades Mill"

Produces A Fine Range Of All Purpose Breadmaking And Baking Flours, Fresh, Old-Fashioned, Stone-Ground Grains And Mixes In Sizes To Fit Your Needs

"War Eagle Mill"

Working Water Powered Grist Mill Grinding Flours, Meals And Mixes From Organically Grown Wholegrains.

"Washington Wheat"

Products Offers Bakers Best Pastry Flour,Bakers Best All Purpose Flour And Bakers Best Cake Flour.

"Weisenberger Mills"

All-Purpose And Specialy Flours, Yeast, Grains, Corn Meals And Mixes.Use To Make Quick Breads, Or Yeast Breads In Either White Or Whole Wheat. Choose From Bleached, Or Unbleached With No Preserveatives.

"Wheat Foods Council"

Source For News And Tips On How And Why To Enjoy More Grain Foods For Better Health.

"Wheat Montana Farms And Bakery"

Family Owned Farm, Processing, And Bakery Enterprise Located In Southwestern Montana. Distributes Specialty Flours, Grains, And Products Nationwide.

"White Lily"

The Secrets Of The South`S Best Cooks And Assembled Their Stories And Favorite Recipes In One Classic Collection Baking Flour, Etc.,

"Whitworth Bros. Ltd."

Independent Specialist Flour Millers Estabilshed In 1886.Producing Bakers, Bespoke And Heat Treated Flours. Retail Ethnic Flours Include Champion Chuppati And Victoria Chupatty. Sellers Of Bakery Pre-Mixes.

"Wolfgang Mill"

"Wolfgang Offers A Kitchen Size Mill That Grinds Grain Into Flour. A Mill Designer By Passion, An Entrepreneur, An Inventor;"

"World Flour"

One Of The Leading Wheat Flour Producers/Exporters In Europe. Since 1915 Their Success Has Been Focussed On The Same Philosophy

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