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"A&D Sales And Leasing, Inc"
The Source For Bakery, Restaurant, And Supermarket Equipment As Well As Soft Serve Machines

"A-1 Etron Of South Florida, Inc."

Specializes In The Rental Of Office Equipment Ranging From Audio/Video Equipment And Computer Systems To Microwave Ovens And Chairs

"A-1 Metal Erecting, Inc."

- Services Include Manufacturing, Repairing, And/Or Installing Industrial Ovens, Paint Spray Booths, Conveyors, Industrial Parts Washers, And More.

"Aat Sales Inc"

Commercial Microwave Ovens, Food Service Display Merchandisers, Display Merchandisers, Storage Cabinets, Sandwich Preparation Tables, Pizza Preparation Tables, Preparation Tables, Food Preparation Tables,

"Ab Bores Ugntjdnst"

Is A Manufacturer Of Bakery Machines, Such As Deck Ovens, Pizza Ovens And Fermentation Rooms

"Ab Bores Ugntjdnst"

Ab Bores Ugntjdnst Is A Manufacturer Of Bakery Machines, Such As Deck Ovens, Pizza Ovens .These Ovens Are Made With Stainless Steel Facing ,Three Breakers For Heat Regulation, Front And Back At The Upper Heat Area And Overall At The Lower Heat Atea

"Admir Ovens"

Manufacturers And Exporters Of Industrial Diesel And Gas Fired Indirect Travelling Ovens For Biscuit, Bread, And Rusk Baking.

"Advanced Systems, Inc"

Asi Is A High Quality Manufacturer And Supplier Of New And Remanufactured Equipment To The Baking Industry

"Algeria Applience Repair"

Major Appliances Washers Dryers Refrigerators Ranges Microwave Ovens Dishwashers And Garage Door Openers All Brands Kenmore Maytag Fridgidaire Whirlpool Ge

"Amana, Litton, Menumaster,"

Na Microwave Oven, Microwave Oven, Review, Convection Oven, Repair, Best, Parts, Danger, History, Commercial Microwave, Residential Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel, Microwave And Oven, Safety, Radiation, Manufacturer, Diagram, Schematic, Parts Diagra

"Amcom Clean"

Authorized Distributor For Panasonic Consumer Products For Over 20 Years


These Continuous Ovens Are For Use In Automatic Bakery Lines And Have Been Designed To Bake A Wide Range Of Products Including Pastries And Breads Made From Diverse Grains And Grain Blends


Ameka Offers A Variety Of Process Equipment For The Agricultural And Food-Processing Industries.Producers Of Ovens.These Continuous Ovens Are For Use In Automatic Bakery Lines And Have Been Designed To Bake A Wide Range Of Products .

"American Eagle Food Machinery"

American Eagle Provides Worldwide Food-Machinery Solutions At Reduced Costs.Producing Bakery Oven With Independent Control Panel Allows The Operator Easy To Shut Down The Chambers Not In Operation, Ensure Saving Power Cost.

"American Eagle Food Machinery, Inc."

Offers Bakery Oven , Spiral Mixer , Planetary Mixer , Dough Moulder , Meat Grinder , Bread Slicer , Etc .,

"Apex Bakery Equipment Company, Inc."

Were A Company Operated By A Fifth Generation Bakery Family With Over 30 Years Of Experience In The Sale And Service Of Baking Equipment

"Applience Pro"

We Offer Service And Repair On All Brands Of Major Home Appliances We Also Purchase And Sell Quality Used Appliances

"Apv Baker"

Largest Supplier Of Equipment For Industrially Produced Baked Goods And Offer All Types Of Ovens And Bakery Equipment .

"Arbor Electronics"

Provides Top-Notch Professional Service For Your Tvs, Vcrs, Stereo Systems, Reel To Reel Tape Recorders, Camcorders, Vintage Amplifier And Radio Restoration, Microwave Ovens


Arex of Conegliano is a company that designs and makes stainless steel equipment for the gastronomic, confectionery and pizzeria sector.

"Armature Coil"

Is A Manufacturer Of Heat Cleaning Ovens And Coil Winding Machinery

"Avanti Products"

We Specialize In Compact To Apartment-Sized Refrigerators Upright And Chest Freezers Wine Coolers Microwave Ovens

"Awi Microwaves"

Awi Microwaves Only Supply Quality Microwave Components From Quality Manufacturers

"B.A.K.E Marketting Co-Orporation"

We Stock Over 1.5 Million Dollars Of Used Bakery Equipment Including: Mixers, Ovens, Moulders, Dividers/Rounders, Depositers, Bread Slicers, Sheeters

"Backyard Dutch Oven"

Dutch Oven Cooking Isnt Just For The Backwoods Campfires -- Its A Unique Style Of Cooking That Can Be Enjoyed


Bago-Line Manufactures And Sells Bakery Ovens, Provers And Other Bakery Machines.

"Bagsvig Hi-Tech -"

Manufacturer And Rebuilder Of Heat Treatment Equipments Like Electric Chamber Furnaces And Mechanical Convection Ovens.

"Bakers Best / B.E.S.T. Inc."

Offers Hearth Ovens , Rack Ovens , Bench Top Spiral Mixers And Other Baking Equipment .

"Bakery Equipment Service"

Bakery Equipment Service Is The Source For Quality New And Reconditioned Equipment, Design, Installation, Service, And Parts.Designing Ovens For The Bakery Shops.Models To Accommodate One Single, Two Single, One Double, Or Two Double Racks.

"Bakery Equipment Service"

Akery Equipment Services, Bakery Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Bakery, Bakery, Bakery, Bakery, Bakery, Bakery Oven

"Bakery Exchange"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipments Including Mixers , Ovens , Roll Stamper , Bread Slicers , Etc .,

"Bakery Machinery Dealers"

Bmd Has Been Importing, Manufacturing, And Distributing The Highest Quality Bagel And Baking Equipment In The Industry.Producer Of Revolving Oven,Rack Oven Which Is Designed Specifically For The High Quality Baking Of Bagels, Breads, Rolls, Pastries.

"Bakery Machinery Dealers"

Offers Convection Oven , Revolving Oven , Rack Oven Which Are Ideal For All Types Of Breads, Rolls, Pastries, Pizzas, Bagels, And Pies .


Other Products Include Pan Liners, Oven Liners, Racks, Belts, Pans & Ovens .

"Baxter Mfg. Co., Inc."

Offers Rack Ovens , Revolving Tray Ovens , Deck Ovens ,

"Becketts Bakery Engineers Ltd"

Offer The Best Of New, Rebuilt And Used Bakery Machinery And Equipment To All Sizes Of Bakery Anywhere In The World.Producer Of Various Types Of Ovens Like Bakewell Deck Oven,Chandley 2 Deck Oven On Prover With Digital 6 Tray,15 Tray,Revent Rack Oven And More For The Bakeries.

"Benier U.S.A., Inc"

Benier Carries A Full Line Of The Finest Quality Baking Equipment And Dough Processing Systems! Our Products Include Ovens

"Benko Products Inc."

Manufacturer Of Hazardous Material Storage And Handling Products, Warming And Batch Ovens, Elevating Platforms, Safety Gates, And More

"Beta Automotive"

Manufacture Bodyshop Equipment, Filters Designed Specifically For Spray Booths And Ovens, And Providing Spraybooth Upgrade, Repair, And Maintenance


"Online Classifieds For Bakery Equipment; Used, New, Liquidations, Reconditioned, And Surplus. New Listings Weekly"

"Bhc Aerovox Ltd"

Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors For Ac And Dc Applications, Aluminium Electrolytic Energy Discharge Capacitors, And Microwave Oven Capacitors

"Bimatic -"

- Manufacturer Bakery Equipment And Ovens For Arabic And French Bread

"Bimatic S.A.R.L"

Offers Rotating Oven , Divider For French Dough , French Dough Mixer And French Dough Rounder .

"Biscayne Motel -"

Offers 1,2, And 3 Bedroom Efficiencies That Include Microwave Ovens, Color Tv, Refrigerators, And Telephones.

"Black River Equipment Warehouse"

Manufacturer Of Ovens, Dividers, Rounders, Presses, Sheeters, Proofers And Other Bakery Related Equipment

"Bravo Systems International, Inc"

We Currently Offer The Home & Garden Pizza Ovens As Well As Our Wood-Fired Commercial Ovens

"Bread Pa"

Offers Rotary Ovens , Refractory Ovens , Dough Mixers , Planetary Mixers , Dough And Manual Dividers , Proofers , Roll Moulders , Etc .,


Offers The Most Adaptable And Perfect System For All Kind Of Bakeries.Producing Ovens Like Rotary Ovens,Refractory Ovens.This Smallest Oven Is Ideal For Limited Space.May Be Combustioned By Diesel,Gas Or Electricity.And With A Very Low Consumption.

"Brick Ovens"

Here Is How A Homemade Pizza Cooks In One Of Our Specially Designed Ovens

"Brick Pizza Ovens"

Offers Brick Pizza Ovens And Offers Bakery Ovens Built & Repaired , Etc .,

"Btus World"

Is A World Leader In The Design And Fabrication Of Thermal Processing Systems Which Include Reflow Solder Systems

"Budget Equipment Sales"

Used, Restored Restaurant And Bakery Equipment, We Have Ranges, Hoods, Ovens, Coolers, Walk Ins And Freezers

"C.H. Babb Company"

Products Include Baking Systems, Tunnel Ovens, Custom Conveyers, Final Proofers, Sheeter/Molders , Etc .,

"C.H. Smith Appliances"

Virginia-Based Retailer Sells Home Appliances Such As Microwave Ovens, Freezers And Dishwashers

"Cannon Engineering Industries -"

Manufacturers Of Industrial, Rotary Rack, And Large Scale Baking Ovens.

"Cardella Bakery Equipment"

We Are Buyers Of Tunnel Ovens, Tray Ovens, Cookie Band Ovens, Rack Ovens, And Revolving Ovens

"Chinook Planks"

Wood-Roasted Flavors Right From Your Oven - Plank Cooking - A Pacific Northwest Tradition

"Cincinnati Industrial Machinery -"

High Production Rate Washers, Ovens And Paint Finishing Systems For Manufacturing Industries.

"Clay In Motion"

Pottery Is Available In 12 Trendy Designs And 62 Original Shapes. Handmade And Decorated In The Usa.

"Cmts -"

Specializes In Customizing And Manufacturing Furnaces, Ovens, Kilns, Incinerators, And Crucibles

"Coatings Etc., Inc. -"

Supplies Coating And Application Equipment, Powder/Paint Booths, Washers, Ovens, Conveyors, Powder Coatings, And Thickness Gages For The Finishing Industry

"Cobblestone Ovens, Inc"

Leading Manufacturer Of Revolving Tray Oven And Install Rounders, Dividers, Mixers, Proof Boxes, And All Types Of Commercial Ovens And Fryers .

"Cober Electronics, Inc"

As Specialists In Microwave Technology, Cober Offers A Complete Line Of Standard Or Custom Engineered, Industrial Microwave


Company Specializing In Quality Service And Installation Of Commercial Cooking Equipment

"Comfort House"

Products Offers Cuisinart Convection Ovens Toast And Broil And Bake For All Your Food Needs.

"Comstock-Castle Stove Company"

Industrial Cooking Equipment, Stoves, Broilers, Fryers, And Pizza Ovens

"Cooper Mays"

- Functional Collection Of Art Pottery. All Pieces Are Lead-Free, Microwaveable, Dishwasher- And Oven-Safe.

"Coopers Equipment Company"

Offers All Types Of Ovens Including Rack, Revolving, Deck, Gas, Electric And Kerosene Ovens .

"Corbett Industries, Inc."

Manufacturer And Servicer Of Furnaces, Ovens, Dryers, Kilns, And Incinerators

"Corio Bakery Equipment Company"

Offers Bakery Equipment New And Used Mixers, Ovens, Dividers And Other Types Of Equipments.Some Of The Ovens Are Revolving Ovens ,Rack Ovens With Single Rack Revent Oven ,Double Rack Polin Oven ,Double Rack Baxter Oven ,Double Rack Revent Oven.

"Country Ovens Ltd"

We Also Supply Your Other Favorite Premium Midwestern Dried Fruits, Blueberries And Cranberries. Our Markets Are Worldwide.

"Crystec Technology Trading Gmbh"

Diffusion Furnace Lpcvd Furnace Polyimide Bake Cure Furnace Vertical Furnace

"Cybernetics Tech Industries"

Electronic Controls For Restaurant Equipment, Including Rebuilt Motor And Temperature Controls For Conveyor Ovens.


Dbe Is A Canadian Manufacturer Of Fine Quality Bakery And Foodservice Equipment .Supplying Equipments Like Universal Revolving Tray Ovens ,Rotary Rack Oven With 3 Models:One Single Rack,Two Single Racks Or One Double Rack,Two Double Racks.


Offers Revolving Tray Oven , Rotary Rack Oven , Moving Air Ovens , Deck Ovens , Rapid Bake Conveyor Oven , Tunnel Ovens , Etc .,

"Double D Food Engineering"

The Design And Manufacture Of Ovens, Provers And Retarder Provers For The Baking Industry And A Range Of Cookers For The More General Food Industry.

"Doyon Equipment Inc"

Has Been A Manufacturer Of Bakery And Pizza Ovens For More Than 50 Years. The Doyon Trademark Is Recognized For Its Quality And Service, And The Enterprise Exports Its Products All Over The World


Infrared Long, Medium And Short Wavelength Ovens With A Combination Of Heated Air And Infrared

"Dunbar Systems, Inc."

Specializes In Designing & Supplying Complete Bakery Systems Including Ovens , Mixers , Freezers , Coolers And Many, Many Other Bakery Equipment Products .

"Dynix Engineering -"

Manufacturer Of Industrial And Conveyor Ovens, Heating Tunnels, And Belt And Chain Conveyors.

"Earthstone Wood-Fire Ovens"

All Our Wood Fire Ovens Are Designed With The End User In Mind And Manufactured Using The Highest Quality Materials, Without Any Compromise, Ensuring Optimum Performance And Years Of Reliable Service

"East West International"

We Present This Latest Catalog Of 110v & 220v Audio-Video Equipment And Home Appliances With Great Pleasure And Privilege

"Electric Medic"

Manufacturer Of Ovens For Bakery And Pastry And Silos, Controlled Proofing Chambers And Freezing Tunnels

"Electronic Service Company"

Specializing In Todays Electronics Tvs & Microwave Ovens & Satellites

"Elmira Stove Works"

Antique Style Ranges, Wall Ovens, Microwave Ovens, And Refrigerators For Victorian, Early American, Colonial, And Country Kitchens

"Empire Bakery Equipment"

Empire Bakery Equipment Is Supplying Bakery Equipment Like Ovens.Some Of The Ovens Are Spartan Rack Ovens,Convection Ovens,Revolving Ovens ,Stone Hearth Ovens,Electric Deck Ovens,Nxe Modular Electric Deck Ovens,Kwicko Electric,Lf Brick Lined .

"Empire Bakery Equipment"

Offers Spartan Rack Ovens , Convection Ovens , Revolving Ovens , Stone Hearth Ovens , Electric Deck Ovens And Other Baking Equipments .

"Esmach S.P.A."

Offers All Types Of Ovens Including Convection Ovens , Rotary Rack Ovens , Deck Ovens , Modular Ovens , Etc .,

"Eurofours Ibirica S.A."

Manufacturers Of Bakery & Pastry Fine Equipment Including Ventilated Ovens & Modular Deck Ovens , Industrial Rotary Rack Ovens & Deck Oven , Provers, Retarder Provers, Chambers And Show Cases .

"Excellent Bakery Equipment Co."

Single And Double Rotary Rack Oven, Deck Oven Are Suitable For Baking All Types Of Breads, Rolls, Sweet Goods, Croissants, Cakes, Cookies, Bagels, Etc .

"Excellent Bakery Equipment Co."

One Of The Foremost Manufacturers And Distributors Of Bakery Machinery For The Largest Wholesale Bakers. Producing Ovens Like Bagel Oven And Kettle,Deck Oven.Available In 4 To 30 Bun Pan Size With Stainless Steel Front,Vertical Sliding Door.


Fage Has Been Manufacturing Pizza Ovens Since 1963. All Our Products Conform To The Ce Standards

"Ferrite Components Inc."

Ferrite Is Dedicated To The Design And Manufacture Of State-Of-The-Art Microwave Heating Systems And Components

"Five Star Marketing Inc"

Offers Electric Convection Oven, Electric Convection Ovens Which Includes Single And Double Deck Electric Convection Oven And Electric Convection Ovens

"Fleetline Products Limited"

- Manufacturer Of Residential Hot Water Boilers, Bakery Ovens, Proofers, And Custom Fabricating.

"Florida Home Air Conditioning And Appliance Co"

Offers Full Service Sales, Installations, Service And Repair Parts On All Brands Of Gas And Electric Appliances, Heating And Air Conditioning Systems. Ranges, Stoves, Refrigerators, Freezers, Microwave Ovens

"Food Makers Equipment"

Offers Rack Ovens , Mixers , Sheeters , Bread Slicers , Etc .,


Manufacturer Of Filling Machines For Cakes And Muffins And Ovens For Bakeries And Pizzerias

"Forni Fiorini"

Forni Fiorini S.N.C. Constantly Applies Its Own Specific Experience In The Construction Of Ovens For Bakeries, Confectioners And Pizzerias

"Fostoria Industries, Inc."

Manufactures Infrared Heating Systems And Ovens As Well As Industrial Task Lighting

"Fotec Inc"

Based On Our Experiences In Using Ovens In Training, We Have Developed The Fiber U Portable Curing Oven

"Friedmans Microwave Ovens -"

Friedmans Microwave Ovens Began In 1976 In Oakland, Ca With The Goal Of Being The Absolute Best Place To Buy A Microwave Oven And Its Accessories

"Furnaces Ovens And Baths, Inc."

- Furnaces, Ovens, Washers, Blast Cleaning, Induction, Metallurgical Laboratory And Heat Treating Equipment. Buy, Sell Or Trade

"G & Sons Corp. International"

Offers New & Used Bakery Equipment - Rack Ovens , Revolving Ovens , Mixers , Convectional Ovens , Dough Dividers , Ice Cream/Soda Stations , Refrigeration Equipment , Etc .,

"Gaggenau Usa"

Manufacturer Of High Tech, Integrated Kitchen Appliances Such As Ovens, Dishwashers, Steamers Etc

"Gain City Best-Electric -"

Distribution And Sales Of Air- Conditioners, Audio Visual Products, Ovens, Refrigerators, And Washing Machines.


Gashor Is A Company With More Than 50 Years Of Experience In The Oven Manufacturing Sector.

"Genick International"

Suppliers Of All Baking Equipment Including Ovens , Mixers , Sheeters , Divider Rounders , Blast Freezers , Etc .,

"Georgia Oven Company"

Has Been Building And Designing Custom Electric Industrial Ovens And Furnaces For Over 20 Years

"Gift World Inc"

220 Volt 50 Hz Microwave Ovens Honest Advice And Quality Service From Experienced Professionals In This Field Of Electronics


Provide A Complete Inventory Of Bakery Specialty Pans In Stock We Have A Wide Selection On Bakery Equipment That Fit Your Needs

"Global Bakery & Food Equipment Co. Ltd."

Global Designs,Manufactures, And Services Both Retail And Wholesale Bakeries.Providing Different Types Of Ovens Like Rack Ovens,Deck Ovens,Convection Ovens,Revolving Ovens.Features On The Rigid Construction Will Assure Many Years Of Trouble Free .

"Gruenberg -"

Designs And Manufactures Standard And Custom Industrial, Batch, Truck-In, And Conveyor Ovens For All Curing, Drying, And Heat Treating Processes

"Guangdong Galanz Enterprises Co."

The World┴°S Leading Manufacturers Of Microwave Ovens With The Addition Of Other Appliance Products, Galanz Aims To Continue Its Dominance Of Expanding Domestic Market

"Hale Industries"

Offers Deli/Bakery Equipment-Ovens ,Slicers, Mixers, Hotcases, Proofers, Etc.

"Hallmark Inc."

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Mixers , Ovens ,Sheeters , Dough Dividers , Etc .,

"Haus Altana -"

Lodgings For Two To Six People, With Microwave Oven, Dishwasher, And Refrigertor In Each Kitchen

"Hobart Corporation"

Hobart Corporation Is The Producer Of Bakery Equipments.There Are 6 Product Lines: Food Machines, Warewashing, Weigh Wrap, Cooking, Refrigeration, And Service.Producer Of Ovens Like Cro-1g, Cro-1e Compactrack Oven ,Dr02gh Series Double Rack Ovens.

"Holmes Equipment"

Offers Ovens ,Mixers , Bread Equipment , Roll Equipment , Sweet Goods Equipment , Specialty Products Equipment , Etc .,

"Home Applience Repair"

We Carry Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Microwave Ovens, Stoves, Dishwashers, Air Conditioners And Heaters

"Horizon Equipment"

Offers All Types Of Baking Equipment Including Rack Ovens , Revolving Tray Ovens , Mixers , Etc .,

"Hornos Tayso, S.L."

Product List Include Mini Steam Tube Deck Ovens , Rotating Ovens , Rack Ovens , Deck Ovens Earthbake Model , Electric Deck Ovens , Convection Ovens , Tunnel Ovens , Etc .,

"Hsiao Lin Machine Co., Ltd."

Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Bread Slicer, Dough-Molder,Dough Divider & Rounder, Reversible Sheeter And Oven

"Huafu Electronic Co.,Ltd"

Products Are Computer Program Controllers Which Used In Washing Machines, Microwave Oven┴óElectric Fan And Other Household Electrical Appliances

"Icon Water Systems"

Osmosis Drinking Water Systems Have Become Standard Household Appliances Like Microwave Ovens, Cordless Phone And, Cable Tv

"Independent Bakery Equipment"

Offers All Types Of Ovens Including Conveyor Ovens , Revolving Ovens , Rack Ovens , Deck Ovens , Direct And Indirect Fired Tunnel Ovens , Etc .,

"Independent Bakery Equipment Company, Inc."

Independent Bakery Equipment Co., Inc. Services Every Phase Of Baking: Bread, Hard Rolls By Producing Ovens Like Rack Ovens,Revolving Ovens,Travelling Tray Oven,Tunnel Ovens With Models Like Double,Double Gas,Single Electric,Single Gas Oven.

"Industrial Combustion Engineers, Inc. -"

Provides Industrial Furnaces, Ovens, Air Heaters, And Other Heating Equipment To Numerous, Diverse Users Throughout The World

"Industrial Furnace Systems"

We Stock All Types Of Quality Furnaces And Ovens At A Fraction Of New Cost.

"Ir Systems -"

Offering Industrial Infrared Heaters, Web Dryers, Conveyor Ovens, And Custom Heat Processing Systems For Converting, Printing, Ink-Drying, Textile, And Packaging Applications

"J And R"

Electronics Emporium Carries Microwave Ovens Made By Ge, Samsung, Sharp And Panasonic. Consider Featured Models, And Sort By Price Or Product.

"Jih Tung Plastic Company"

Specialist In Manufacture Of Industrial Plastic Product, Electric Appliance Parts, Bicycle Parts, Microwave Timer, Synchronizing Motor As Well As Oem For All Household Electric Appliance Manufacturers

"Johns Radio & Tv"

We Have More Than 60 Years Experience In Servicing Tvs, Vcrs, Microwave Ovens, Sony Audio And Big Screens.


Karaki Maintained The Line Of Producing And Supplying Bakery Equipment In Lebanon The Arab World And The Other Continents.They Have Been Producing And Refining Rotary Ovens Since 1987.Ovens Are Manufactured With Specifications That Are Excellent.

"Karaki Bakery Equipment"

Produce Rotary Convection Ovens And Pizza Equipment .

"Kitchen And Bath World Distributing"

Supplier Of Wholesale And Retail Kitchen And Bath Products Such As Cabinetry, Countertops, Ranges, Dishwashers, And Ovens


Specialised In The Production Of Ovens And Machines For Bakeries And Confectioners, Kosmica Has Been Serving The Industry Since 1960. The Kosmica Forni Annular Pipe Steam Oven Is The Optimum Realization Of Experience Matured In Time Combined .

"Kroslak Bakery Equipment, Inc"

Our Company Sells New And Used Commercial Bakery Equipment Including: Ovens, Large Mixers, Display Cases, Sheeters, And Specialty Commercial And Related Supplies

"L&L Special Furnace Co., Inc"

Designs And Builds High Temperature Furnaces, Ovens, Kilns, Quench Tanks And Heat Treating Systems.

"Lamac Ovens Inc."

Manufacturer Of Complete Range Of Ovens And Drying Systems Which Include Conveyor, Tunnel, Vertical, And Overhead

"Lang Manufacturing Company -"

Manufacturing Commercial And Marine Cooking Equipment Including Ovens, Fryers, And Stoves.

"Larsen Dutch Oven Equipment -"

Manufactures Gas Ovens, Boilers, Fan Heaters, Infrared Stoves, Appliances And Ranges

"Lehmanns Bakery"

Bakery Equipment Manufacturer. Includes Bread Ovens, Mixers, Dividers And Retarder Proofer.

"Lewco, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Conveyors, Industrial Ovens, And Drum Heating Cabinets

"Lg Electronics"

Selection Of Air Conditioners, Vcrs, Stereos, Cameras, Tvs, Vacuum Cleaners, Refrigerators, And Microwave Ovens


Manufacturer Of Industrial Furnaces, Ovens And Atmosphere Generators.

"Linn High Therm Gmbh -"

Manufacturers Of Laboratory And Industrial Furnaces, High Frequency Heating, Microwave Heating, Sample Preparation Systems For Spectroscopy

"Lombard Engineering"

Manufacturer Of Commercial And Residential Appliances Such As Ovens And Freezers

"Lr Environmental Equipment Co. Inc."

"Buys, Sells, And Trades Used Refurbished Industrial Ovens, Environmental Test Chambers, R&D Test Equipment; Large Inventory Available"

"Lukon -"

Manufacturers Of Industrial Ovens And Heating Elements

"Lunaire Limited"

Vista Environmental Has Been A Leader In The Design And Manufacture Of Environmental Test Instruments

"Lydon Oven Company"

Designs And Builds Custom Ovens And Dryers For Industrial Or Laboratory Heat Processes.

"Lytzen -"

Development, Production And Installation Of Ovens, Dryers, Sterilizing Equipment, Filling Machines And Other Equipment For The Pharmaceutical And Chemical Industry.


Designs Bakery Machines And Ovens For The Bread Making Industry.

"Macadams Manufacturing"

Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Bakery Ovens And Related Equipment And Accessories

"Mammas Ovens"

After Spending Several Years Teaching Gourmet Cooking And Perfecting The Art Of Creating The Finest Hors Doeuvres, Pates, Pastas, Salads, Quiches, Crepes, Cakes, Flans, Mousses And Gataeux

"Marlex -"

Marlex Manufactures, Markets And Exports A Wide Range Of Domestic Appliances Offering Almost Everything That Would Make A Perfect Kitchen

"Maytag Corporation"

Maytag Manufacturers Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Cooktops, Wall Ovens, Ranges, Microwave Ovens,Disposers And Commercial Laundry Products


Supplier Of Quality Felt Bakery Belts For Pastry Sheeters, Volumetric Dividers, Bread Moulders, Working Tables, Rounders, And Croissant Curlers.

"Mekko Technologies"

Specialises In Surface Mount Pcb Assembly Equipment, Manufacturing A Range Of Conveyor Reflow Ovens.


Europes Leading Designer And Manufacturer Of Commercial Microwave And Microwave Combination Ovens

"Micro-Trim, Inc."

Has Long Been Known As The Headquarters For The Manufacturing Of Quality Trim Kits For The In Cabinet Installation Of Microwave Ovens

"Microwave Specialties Inc"

We Represent The Highly Specialized Commercial Microwave Ovens Food Industry

"Midco International Inc."

Manufacturer Of Power Gas Burners And Direct Fired Burners For Boilers, Ovens, Kilns, Incinerators, And General Process Heating Applications

"Mittal International"

. It Imports And Markets Some Of The Biggest Names In The Food Equipment Business. Ice Cube Machines, Ovens, Coffee Makers, Slush Machines, Deep Freezers,

"Mittal International (India) Pvt. Ltd."

Mittal International (India) Pvt. Ltd. Is One Of The Leading Importer Of Complete Range Of Equipments For Kitchens As Well As Bakery.Supplying Combi Oven Which Offers Excellent Food Quality,Simple Operation,Fascinating Cooking Diversity.

"Mizell & Associates, Inc."

Distributors Of Conveyor Ovens , Deck Ovens , Mixers , Sheeters And Other Baking Equipment .

"Mondial Forni S.P.A."

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Steam Tube Fixed Deck Ovens , Electric Ovens , Tunnel Ovens , Etc .,

"Mono Equipment"

Mono Bakery Retail - Bakery Equipment For Small And Medium Sized Bakeries.Offers Ovens Like Dx Deck Ovens ,Goldbake Mx Rotary Rack Oven ,Fn Rack Oven Range ,Bake-Off Ovens .As With All Ovens In The Mono Range - Smartbake Controls Are Available .

"Mono Equipment Limited"

Bakery Equipment, Bakery Supplies And Food Making Equipment Specialists. Products Include Deck Ovens, Rack Ovens, Bake-Off Ovens, Mixers, Dough Dividers, Confectionery Depositors And Food Service Equipment

"Moretti Forni S.P.A"

Offers All Types Of Pizza Ovens , Pastry Ovens , Etc ., Which Are Used In Bakery Industry .

"Mr. Microwave -"

Our Online Store Has A Wide Choice Of The Most Popular And Dependable Vacuum Cleaners, Microwaves, Parts, And Accessories.

"Muller International Inc"

Muller International Inc Also Has Exclusive Representation Of Van Der Pols Steel-Band Ovens, Wire Mesh Ovens,Belgium Waffle Lines, Tray Handling Systems For Proofing, Baking Cooling And Freezing.

"Naegele, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Delta Three Convection Oven And Other Bakery Equipment .

"Natural Ovens Of Manitowoc"

Our Hearth Oven Is 106 Feet Long And Will Bake 3,000 Loaves Per Hour.

"Natural Ovens Of Manitowoc"

Natural Ovens Breads Are Delivered To Over 1,200 Grocery Stores In Less Than Twenty-Three Hours After We Start Making Them

"Neff Uk"

Specializes In Built-In Appliances Including Ovens, Microwaves, Cooker Hoods, Fridges, And More

"Ningbo Hailida Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd."

Specialized In The Production Of All Types Of Alternating-Current Capacitors, Microwave Capacitors, Power Capacitors, Electrothermal Capacitors And Industrial Microwave Oven Equipment.

"Ningbo Kaibo Group Co., Ltd."

- Manufacturers Of Toaster Ovens, Steam Irons, Sandwich Makers, And Other Small Appliances.

"Nu-Vu Food Service Systems"

Manufacturer of ovens, combis, smokers, proofers, barbecues and more for all of you food service needs.

"O.Y.L. Manufacturing Company -"

Oem Of Air-Conditioning And Refrigeration Equipment, Gas Cookers And Ovens, And Consumer Electronics.

"Olender Equipment Company"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Ovens ,Pizza Equipment ,Ice Makers , Restaurant Equipment , Glass Door Refrigerators/Freezers , Etc .,

"Oliver Products Company"

Offers All Types Of Bakery Equipment Including Convection Oven With Steam Injection , Bread Slicers , Bagel And Bun Slicers , Baggers And Tying Machines , Dough Makeup Equipment , Etc .,

"Olson Wire Products"

Manufacturer Of Ovens And Stoves , Refrigerators And Freezers , Carts And Racking , Etc .,

"P. M. Maintenance Co."

- Provides Nationwide Sales Of Commercial And Residential Microwave Oven Parts

"Phase Fire Systems, Inc. -"

Offers Shrink Tunnel Ovens, Shrink Film Banders And Sleevers, And Shrink Film Packaging Product Handling Systems For A Wide Range Of Applications

"Picard Bakery Equipment Inc"

Bakery Machinery Manufacturer Such As: Bread Ovens, Pastries Equipement, Industrial Ovens, Proofers, Spiral Mixers And Chicken Rotisserie

"Picard Inc"

Bakery Machinery Manufacturer Such As: Bread Ovens, Pastries Equipement, Industrial Ovens, Proofers, Spiral Mixers

"Pierce Sales Co., Inc."

We Sell Radar Range, Microwave, Micro Wave Oven, Convection Express, Amana, Radarange, Panasonic , Restaurant Equipment, Menu Master, Commercial Microwave

"PietroBerto S.P.A."

PietroBerto offers the most extensive range of equipment for medium size and craft bakeries available worldwide. With nearly 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bakery equipment, no other supplier provides such a recognized high quality and heavily build machinery.

"Pitteurs Bakery Equipment"

Producing Bakery Equipment For Small And Large-Scale Applications.Manufacturing Many Types Of Ovens Like Bake Off Ovens ,Deck Ovens Pulsated Air ,Static Deck Ovens ,Rack Ovens Pulsated Air ,Rotor Rack Ovens .Different Types Are Available.

"Pitteurs Bakery Equipment"

Offers Different Types Bakery Ovens Including Bake Off Ovens , Deck Ovens Pulsated Air , Static Deck Ovens , Rack Ovens Pulsated Air And Rotor Rack Ovens

"Pmd Sales Consultants Inc."

Offers All Types Of Ovens , Fryers , Slicers , Grinders , Etc .,

"Pro Line Marketing, Inc"

Pro / Line Marketing, Inc. - Manufacturers Representatives Of Deck Ovens , Starfire Ranges, Heavy Duty Ranges , Ovens ,Toasters , Etc .,

"Procommercial Of Puerto Rico"

Distribute A Full Variety Of Commercial Equipment Including Pizza Ovens , Convection Ovens , Toasters And Other Bakery Equipment .

"Qvc, Inc"

Envision Baked Potatoes, Hot Chocolate, Or Popcorn Warming Up In This Full Size Panasonic Microwave. Packed With Features, It Offers 1300 Watts Of Cooking Power And 2.2 Cubic Feet Of Space

"R.F. Bakery Equipment"

"R.F. Bakery Equipment Is Western Canada`S Foremost Manufacturer And Distributor Of High Quality Bakery Equipment.Inventor And Manufacturer Of The Worlds First And Worlds Best Rack Oven; As Well As European Modular Deck Ovens.Tiny Revolving Tray Oven."

"Rams Horn Resort"

Alpine Vacation Chalets Fully Furnished Full Kitchens With Microwave Ovens And Dishwashers, Wood-Burning Fireplaces And Cable Tv With Vcr

"Ranex -"

Manufactures Gas Ovens, Boilers, Fan Heaters, Infrared Stoves, Appliances And Ranges

"Rdm Engineering -"

Manufacturer Of Industrial Ovens For Paints, Powders, And Special Processes. Sales Worldwide

"Rega International"

Producer Of Convectirega International Srl Is An Italian Company Specialised In The Manufacture And Sale Of Ovens And Machinery For Bakers And Confectioners.On Oven,Electric Modular Oven,Steam Tubes Oven.

"Renato Specialty Products, Inc"

Supplier Of Brick Ovens, Charbroilers, Rotisseries And More

"Research, Inc."

Makes Solder Reflow Ovens. This Site Includes Oven Specifications, Technical Papers And Company Information.

"Rollequip International Inc"

Hearth Oven Quality - Rack Oven Convenience The High Performance Dough Dividing And Rounding Machine


Saltek For The Manufacturing Of Bakery Equipment Is Recognized As A Pioneer In This Field.It Offers Bakery Ovens Which Is Equipped With A Feeding Unit Conveying Automatically The Leavened Dough Sheets From The Final Proofer .

"San Neng Bake Ware Corp"

Manufactures Of Cooking Ware, Oven Ware, And Baking Utensils.

"Sanyo Consumer Electronics"

Electronics And Appliance Manufacturer Describes The Features Of Its Line Of Microwave Ovens, From Compact To Family Size.

"Sanyo Home Appliances"

Manufactures Microwave Ovens, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, Small Washer Dryers, And Other Small Appliances

"Saunders Bakery Machinery"

Supplies Machinery, Equipment, And Ovens To The Bakery, Catering, And Food Processing Industry.

"Scobie & Mcintosh (Bakery Engineers) Ltd"

Are Suppliers Of Highest Quality Equipment To The Bakery Industry In The Uk. With A Heritage Of Over 120 Years In The Trade

"Shanghai Shangling Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. -"

Products Include Refrigerators, Air-Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, And Heaters.

"Shine Kool Co., Ltd."

Produces Air Conditiners And Microwave Ovens Claims To Detect Dangerous Levels Of High Frequency Radiation Leakage Allegedly Common To Microwave Ovens

"Sidlocks Of Guernsey Limited"

E Sell Catering Supplies From Sinks To Microwave Ovens, Ice Machines To Glasses.

"Sig Greenebaum Inc."

One Of The Oldest And Most Respected Bakery Equipment Houses In America.Manufacturing Ovens Like Ovens (Rack),Ovens (Deck For Bread).Represent Over 100 Manufacturers And Every Line Of Bakery And Restaurant Equipment.

"Sig Greenebaum Inc."

Suppliers Of All Types Of Bakery Equipment Such As Ovens - Revolving & Rack Ovens , Mixers Spiral And Vertical Mixers , Etc .,

"Silesia Grills Machines -"

Manufacturers Of Toaster Ovens, Steam Irons, Sandwich Makers, And Other Small Appliances.

"Solar Direct"

Cooks Any Kind Of Food With The Power Of The Sun - No Fuel Needed Reaches Temperatures Of 360 To 400 Degrees Fahrenheit

"Southern Pride"

Offers Rotisserie, Electric, Wood Burning, And Gas Fired Barbecue Ovens, Smokers, And Roasting Pits.

"Stainless Steel Products Ltd."

The Initial Activity Of The Company Was The Manufacturing Of Stainless Steel Holloware Utensils. Producing Different Types Of Ovens With Different Models.Some Of The Ovens Are Rotary Rack Oven,Reel Oven,Deck Oven,Tunnel Oven And More.

"Steelman Industries, Inc."

Steelman Has Been Leading The Way In High-Quality Industrial Process Ovens And Burn-Off Ovens

"Suffolk Microwave Services"

Suffolk Microwave Services Offer Residents And Commercial Premises In Suffolk, A Microwave Oven Testing Service Direct To Their Kitchens

"Superior Food Machinery, Inc."

Superior Ovens Are Designed To Give The Up-Most Reliability, Consistency And Performance That Money Can Buy. All Models Are Suitable For Fresh Cooked Corn Or Reconstituted Corn Flour.

"Supersonic Electronics Inc."

Our Ultra-Efficient Air Conditioners, Or Heat Up A Whole Meal In Our Innovative Inverter Microwave Ovens, Our Home Appliances Make Your Housework Less Work For You.


Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Air Cond., Ranges, Dishwashers,Microwave Ovens, Ovens/Cooktops, Freezers, Dehumidifiers

"Tek Online, Inc."

Electronics Retailer Offers Microwave Ovens Made By Panasonic And Sharp

"The Bakery Ovens"

Antique Style Ranges, Wall Ovens, Microwave Ovens, And Refrigerators For Victorian, Early American, Colonial, And Country Kitchens

"The Clay Oven"

Two Fine Restaurants And Exllent Banquting Suites. Which Can Cater For All Types Of Asian Weddings, Parties And Special Occasions

"The Village Bakery"

San, Bread, Organic, Bakery Supplies, Restaurant, Cakes, Wood-Fired Ovens, Brick Ovens, Breadmaking Courses, Bread Matters, Village, Village Bakery, Cumbria Melmerby, Mail Order, Rolls, Buns, Cakes,


Providers Of Rf Heat Sealing Equipment, Rf Heaters, Rf Dryers, Rf Bonders, Rf Ovens, And A Complete Selection Of Industrial Microwave Ovens.

"Thermo-Plus Engineering Pte Ltd -"

Manufacturer Of Industrial Ovens, Burn In Chambers, Environmental And Humidity Chambers, And More.

"Tomassini Paride"

Producers Of Electric Anular Cyclothermic Rotating Ovens,Deck Ovens,Rack Rotating Oven,Electric Modular Deck Ovens,Electric Convection Ovens.Hight Quality And Trick Wool Insulation Refractory Stainless Steel Exchanger 18/8 Stainless Steel Structure.

"Top-Food System Industry Co., Ltd."

Offers All Models And Sizes Of Mini Ovens And Bakery Ovens .

"Toppers Brick Oven Pizza"

Toppers Is A Revolutionary Concept In Pizza Preparation Systems. Our Compact Genuine Brick Oven Bakes Our Great Tasting

"Torrid Oven"

Engineers And Manufactures Of Turnkey Paint Finishing Systems For Metal Plastics And Industrial Process Ovens.

"Tsung Hsing Food Machinery Co., Ltd."

Offers Temperature Control Electric Oven , Temperature Control Gas Oven , Etc .,

"Uk Appliances -"

Supplier Of Wholesale And Retail Kitchen And Bath Products Such As Cabinetry, Countertops, Ranges, Dishwashers, And Ovens

"University Appliance -"

Retails Appliances Including Dryers, Microwaves, Ovens, Refrigerators, And More.

"Us Appliance Co"

Featuring Nationally Low Prices On Ge Refrigerators, Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines, Dryers, Dishwashers, Gas Ranges

"Usatec Liemison Pte.Ltd"

Manufactures Home Appliances Including Microwave Ovens, Gas Water Heaters And Cookers.

"Vestco Food Equipment"

Specialize In Ovens , Mixers , Sheeters , Display Cases , Proofers , Slicers , Bakery Wares , Etc .,

"Villagers Collection"

Combi-Micro, Hood. Microwave And Extractor To Locate Over A Hob. A Powerful Space Saving Combination.

"Washing Machine General Factory -"

Manufactures Washing Machines, Hot-Water Showers, Electric Fans And Electric Fans, Micro-Wave Ovens And Automatic Electric Thermoses

"Wisconsin Infrared Systems -"

Develops Industrial Custom And Standard Infrared Ovens For Batch, Conveyor, And Turnkey Paint Finishing Systems.

"Yield Engineering -"

Manufactures Downstream Plasma Strippers, Polyimide Bake Ovens, Plasma Cleaning Systems And Vacuum Dryers.

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